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Stay on point with pens for all writing styles

The power of the pen goes far and wide. It’s a simple little device, but it’s responsible for, well, just about the conception of everything. Despite living in a world of screens, the art of handwritten letters, notes, and drawings has not been lost. Having good pens on hand lets you put the perfect touch onto paper. With so many different styles of pens available, all you need is to consider what your uses are.

Pens for students and notetakers

When it comes to taking notes, you’ll likely want a pen that writes quickly and smoothly without any residue that could cause smudging—especially for left handed folks. Ballpoint pens are generally the safest bet for students and notetakers. You can find ballpoint pens in packs of one or up to eight or more, in blue, red, black or in a variety. They are long lasting, budget friendly, and come in a variety of shades that can be great for colour coding. Whether you’re a student or taking notes for a meeting or for a seminar, writing things down instead of typing them out helps you better retain information. Be sure to have a good supply of pens ready to go so you can get the most out of your information.

Get creative with different styles of pens

Pens are also a great way to get creative and crafty. Calligraphy pens are used to beautifully decorate letters, or just as a zen hobby. You can find a variety of stunning calligraphy pens available and start your very own collection, all while giving all your loved ones lovely letters and notes. If you want to keep it a bit more simple but still want a beautifully penned letter, you should look for smoothness. The smoother the pen, the better it is for classic handwriting. Luxury ballpoint pens and gel pens are best for this, as they deliver a clear and polished script while allowing your hand to flow easily as you write.

Find the perfect pen for what you need

Whatever style of writing you’re doing, there’s a perfect pen awaiting you. All you need to do is consider what you will be using the pen for, whether it's for quick note taking or for fancy scriptwriting. Having a variety of pens on hand will make sure you have the right pen for any scenario. Novelty pens are also a fantastic gift, and there are plenty of elegantly designed fountain pens and more that make an excellent present.