• Simple Safety with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Protectors

    Accidents happen. That’s why we use high-impact glass to make our phone screens; why we keep them in cases; why we try our very best not to drop them. But even though access to your phone screen is vital, leaving it exposed can still result in breakage—which is also why Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen protectors are so popular.

    Clear Film Galaxy Note 3 Screen Protectors

    Like different smartphone models, no two styles of screen protectors are exactly alike. Some focus on high-impact durability; others, low-cost effectiveness.

    For consumers on a budget, simple screen protectors are an easy way to secure minimal coverage in a snap. Clear, plastic screen protectors are great for the basics, like scratch protection and anti-glare finishes. Their lightweight size means that they’re easy to apply with a dry mount, adhering to your phone with static that makes them amenable to being re-placed and re-positioned numerous times. Dry mount systems are low-commitment, letting you try out different screen protectors to suit your needs.

    Tempered Glass Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Protectors

    For long-term screen protection, tempered glass Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen protectors can provide even more. These screen protectors are typically multi-layered, with super-thin layers of glass, PET, and silicone. Together, these layers provide shock absorption, shatter resistance, and an ultra-clear finish. Should either your phone screen or your screen protector break, a good screen protector will hold everything together—making it a great choice from a safety standpoint, too. Tempered glass will shatter in larger chunks than regular glass, preventing slivers and accidental damage.

    Tempered glass is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to preserve the original look and feel of their phone screen. They’re typically clearer and more durable than plastic screen protectors, so your phone looks brighter and feels almost like it’s not covered at all. Because they’re thicker and heavier than a single-layered plastic screen protector, they’ll typically need to be applied to your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a wet mount adhesive.

    As with any kind of glass, tempered glass screen protectors are most brittle on their edges. It’s often recommended that they be paired with a phone case (optimally a phone case with a slightly raised lip) for best results.

    Privacy Screen Protectors and More for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Clear screen protectors are excellent at minimizing damage to your phone screen—but they’re not the only options on the market. Privacy glass is popular for users who don’t want prying eyes getting at their phone screens. This type of glass appears clear straight on, but shifts to black when viewed at an angle.

    Other additional features in your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen protectors may include oleophobic coatings to reduce fingerprinting, or an anti-glare coating to reduce reflections. Make sure to shop around to find one that suits your needs.