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Keep Cool In Style With a Tower Fan

Tower fans are a space-saving way to keep cool at home during the hot summer months, with lots of styles from which to choose.

What is a tower fan?

A tower fan is vertical and usually rectangular fan that’s shaped like a tall tower and used to cool a room. Plug it in then use controls to turn it on or off, adjust the speed or, if available, oscillation, and even intensity of the cool air.

Using blades (though some models are bladeless), tower fans circulate air inside a space to help you feel cooler. They blow air at a 90-degree angle to cover a fairly large space. Many tower fans also have a basic dust filter and offer quiet operation.

What types of tower fans are available?

You can find plenty of tower fans at Best Buy, including tower fans with an ionizer, bladeless tower fans that are safer to use with children and pets in the home, look sleek and seamless, not to mention are easier to clean, and whisper quiet tower fans that you can run all day or night without disrupting what else you’re doing. Most tower fans can oscillate to direct cool air throughout a room versus a focused spot and offer different speeds and cooling settings to adjust the intensity as desired. These types of fans are ideal for small room or apartments since they don’t take up much space, with some being ultra-slim to unobtrusively sit in a corner. Tower fans can be as small as 13 inches tall up to as tall as 40 inches and come in stylish and décor-friendly colours like black, silver, white, and grey.

Tower vs pedestal stand: what is the difference?

While a tower fan is tall and slim, a pedestal fan has big blades within a usually circular housing that sit atop a stand, making them overall larger in size. But pedestal fans can also cool larger areas because of this. With the ability to adjust the pedestal, you can better focus air to a specific spot, like your bed, without physically moving the unit.

Pedestal fans are generally more powerful, but they are also louder, and are limited in style and design. Tower fans conversely come in many different styles and designs and are usually much quieter in operation. You can also find more additional features in tower fans, like a dust filter, purifier, or even a night light.

What to look for in a tower fan?

Oscillation is a useful feature to look for in a tower cooler fan if you don’t want to have cool air focused on just one specific spot, but rather want to cool an entire small room. Usually, an oscillating tower fan can be controlled by a touch panel on the unit itself, but tower fans with a remote as well make it easy to control from the comfort of your bed, office chair, or couch, too. A timer is useful so you can set the fan to blow cool air until you fall asleep. Auto shut-off ensures the fan doesn’t accidentally run all night, saving energy and money. A whisper-quiet tower fan is also welcome, especially if you’ll be using it often. Handy recessed carry handles let you easily move a tower fan from room to room. Other neat features worth looking at include a temperature indicator, dust filter, and sleek design that matches your decor. 

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