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Enjoy clean floors while saving money by shopping vacuums on sale

You can scrub, scour, and sweep everything in your home, but without a powerful  it will never be as clean as you’d like it to be. The latest vacuum cleaners will have powerful suction, unique maneuvering so they can cruise around corners, and attachments so you can clean dust bunnies from your ceiling or pet hair off your couch. Best of all? If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner sale so you can bring home a powerful, new vacuum cleaner, Best Buy lets you shop for vacuums on sale every day. 

Types of vacuums on sale

A vacuum cleaner isn’t one size fits all. While you may be looking for stick vacuums on sale, your friend could be searching for iRobot on sale. No matter what type of vacuum you’re both looking for, Best Buy has a wide selection you can choose from. If you like the feel of a traditional vacuum cleaner, you can look for the canister vacuum on sale. Would you love to tap a button and have your floors cleaned for you? Check out iRobot on sale.

You’ll also find upright vacuums, handheld vacuums, and a carpet cleaner sale or two. There’s even stick vacuums on sale so you can clean your house from top to bottom.

Shop vacuums on sale from the biggest brands

Everyone has their favourite vacuum cleaner brand, and Best Buy carries everything from Dyson to SharkHoover, Bissell, Electrolux or iRobot. If you’ve always wanted a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you’ll find Best Buy’s Dyson vacuum sale includes your favourite Dyson cannister, Dyson Stick, and Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners. Has Hoover always been your favourite brand? You can shop sales on the latest Hoover handheld, stick, or Windtunnel vacuum cleaners.

Just because iRobot is a big brand doesn’t mean it never goes on sale. Best Buy offers many different models of iRobot robot vacuums on sale.

How can you choose the right vacuum cleaner for you?

Looking for a vacuum cleaner sale but you don’t have a preferred brand? Just shop with your favourite feature in mind. There are vacuums on sale with HEPA filters, bagless vacuum cleaners so you don’t have to clean up dusty bags, or choose an iRobot on sale and have your floors cleaned on a schedule.

At Best Buy, you’ll find the perfect vacuum cleaner for you and your home.