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Make every glass of beer better with beer glasses

If you’ve already got a cabinet full of glassware, you’d probably wonder why you’d need to bring home a set of beer glasses. Beer glasses are designed to provide you with the perfect vessel for your favourite beer.

A beer mug is the best way to enjoy a casual beer at home, and if you’re into creating or drinking craft beer, beer glasses will add authenticity to your experience. Whether you love a good glass of stout or a fine pale ale, Best Buy carries a wide variety of beer glasses, craft beer glasses, beer mugs, pint glasses, beer steins, and more.

What are the types of beer glasses you can choose?

There are many different types of beer glasses, and you can find a beer mug designed for almost every type of beer.

Pint beer glasses

If you’ve ever gone into a pub or restaurant and asked for draft beer poured from a keg, you’ll have enjoyed your brew in a pint glass. A pint glass starts out narrow at the bottom and gradually grows wider at the top.

A pint glass can hold around 16 ounces of beer, and it’s generally used for all beer types including lagers, stouts, and ales. These beer glasses are easy to wash and store, so they’re a popular choice for beer fans.

Pilsner glass for beer

Pilsner glasses are tall, skinny, and straight with no curve. There are a few different kinds of pilsner glass you can choose from, but most have the tall profile with a wide top to retain the foam head of the beer. A pilsner beer glass is mostly for light beers like pilsners and are slightly smaller than a pint glass.

Beer mugs & Beer steins

Beer steins are familiar to most people because they’ve seen them on TV or drank out of one during an Octoberfest. They’re common in pubs and bars, but they’re also a glass with history behind it. Beer steins have been used by beer and lager drinkers since the 16th century.

Beer steins are made from materials like stoneware, pewter, silver, and porcelain, and they have a hinged lid and a lever you use to open up the mug. This type of beer glass is considered a collectible because they come in different shapes and sizes, but you can enjoy any kind of beer in a beer stein.

Craft beer glasses and IPA glasses

Craft and IPA beer tend to contain more hops than other types of beer, and because of that there is more froth at the top. To maintain that froth, you’ll need to enjoy your beer in a craft beer glass or IPA beer glass. These beer glasses have a unique shape with a wavy bottom to help aerate the beer as you drink it, and they’re great for Belgian beer, dark stouts, and other craft beers.

If you’re looking for unique beer glasses, beer mugs, pint glasses, or pilsner glasses, take a look at our resources on beer glasses.