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Keep every beverage hot or cold with travel mugs

When you’re on the go and you want to take a hot beverage with you, a travel mug is the best option. Instead of an open coffee mug that could spill your drink, travel coffee mugs will keep every drink at the right temperature and prevent it from spilling.

What is a travel mug and how does it work?

A travel mug is a tall, insulated coffee mug. Travel mugs are available in a variety of and styles, and they generally come in a 12 ounce or larger size.

Most people use travel mugs to keep their beverages warm, but you can also use them to keep a drink cold. These mugs are created with a double-walled design that’s similar to a coffee thermos. During the construction a vacuum seal is created by sucking the air out between the two walls.

Once you screw on the lid any heat inside is prevented from escaping, leaving you with a fresh, hot cup of coffee for a lot longer than a ceramic coffee mug. A travel mug lid also prevents spills because they only have a small area that’s open for sipping.

What is the best type of travel mug for me?

You may be someone who wants to take their coffee or tea with them on their commute. Or, you’re an avid hiker or camper and you’re looking for a larger travel mug that holds coffee, tea, or carbonated beverages. There are many types of travel mugs, and which one you choose depends on your choice of beverage, lifestyle, and design preference.

Travel French Press

A travel French press offers the ultimate in barista style coffee, letting you brew and enjoy in one coffee mug. With a press built-in to the lid you can add your coffee grinds, pour in your hot water, and you have the perfect cup of French press coffee. Because the travel French press is also a travel mug, your coffee stays hot for longer.

Stainless steel container

A stainless steel mug is one of the more popular choices in mug. These coffee or tea travel mugs are durably constructed with triple-walls to maintain the temperature of your hot or cold beverage for hours. The lids are leak-proof and secure, and many styles have a large capacity.

Growler travel mug

The growler travel mug is larger than the average coffee mug. They are the perfect travel mug for anyone who’d like to have an extra-large mug to keep their beverages hot or cold. Generally used by campers and hikers, the growler has a capacity and steel inner lid to keep your coffee or tea hot and your carbonated beverages bubbly.


Not just for hot drinks, a food jar will also keep your food hot or cold. They have vacuum insulation, tight-fitting lids to prevent spills, and a wide open mouth to store full meals, snacks, or drinks to take with you on the go.

Travel mugs and thermos for kids

While a coffee fan will want to keep their drink hot, kids who take a travel mug to school, sports, or other activities will usually focus on keeping their drinks cold.

Kid’s travel mugs are usually made from stainless steel, have vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 12 and have integrated carry handles to make it easy to hold and carry. Some models of travel mugs for kids also have a pop-up silicone straw and hygienic push button lid to keep germs at bay.

While they’ll love having a cold beverage with them for school, your child will also love the cute designs and cartoon characters you can find on themed travel mugs.