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Glassware and drinkware is essential for every kitchen

What is glassware and drinkware?

Glassware and drinkware consist of glasses for drinking everyday liquids like water, juice, smoothies, and more, as well as specialty glasses for the bar that are designed for specific drinks like beer, wine, scotch, and whiskey.

Drinkware also encompasses other types of receptacles used for drinking, like coffee and tea mugs, thermoses, and other cups made of stainless steel or other materials.

Why is glassware and drinkware important in the home?

It’s important to ensure that everyone in the family has a cup from which they can drink their desired libation. But glassware and drinkware are also essential for enhancing the drinking experience overall: you wouldn’t want to drink beer out of a wine glass, for example, or coffee from a tumbler.

When entertaining, you want the right types of glasses to serve drinks, whether it’s a champagne flute for toasting, a martini glass for homemade shaken cocktails, scotch drinking glasses for a tasting party, or small-sized tumblers for the kids.

Drinkware can also come in handy for drinking on-the-go: you might make coffee or tea at home but don’t necessarily have time to drink it before you head out the door. Use a handy thermos or other travel mug to enjoy the piping hot java while in the car, on the train, or walking to work. There are even travel wine glasses that hold up to 12 oz. of wine for enjoying in the backyard during a barbecue or while camping.

What should you look for in glassware and drinkware?

You can buy individual drinking glasses, but most often, you’ll want a matching set. There are sets that include everything from a pair of glasses to up to eight or more. Some also come with additional accessories, like a whiskey or wine decanter. Have at least a few of each type of wine glasses (stemless, pinot, chardonnay, etc.) and a couple of whiskey or scotch glasses.

The most common type of drinking glasses are tumblers, standard glasses you can use for everyday drinks. Find drinking cups that are BPA- and lead-free, will be easy to stack in the cupboard, and that look nice. Grab a set (or two) so there’s enough for the family as well as guests. Glass cups should be dishwasher-safe, and shatter-proof, especially if you have kids.

With specialty bar glassware and stemware, find ones that will fit nicely into your bar area, or in a cupboard or hutch. Ideally, they would all employ the same general design, whether it’s a pattern or colour accents, clear glass, or modern or old-fashioned style.

With drinkware, make sure the thermos is large enough to hold your brew, whether that’s 12 oz. or 16 oz. Some come with leak-proof straws and designs for kids, others with leak-proof or standard spouts. Some have a silicone sleeve to provide better grip. You can even get ones with a French press built-in for making and housing your own freshly-brewed creation.