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FAQ About Wine Glasses

Sipping chardonnay to celebrate a special occasion? Pairing pinot noir with your prime rib dinner? With the proper wine glasses, you can enjoy your favourite reds, whites, and bubblies in their greatest glory. Not sure what wine glasses you need for your repertoire? Read on to find out.

What type of wine glasses do I need?

Whether you prefer full-bodied Syrah or light and crisp Pinot Gris, consider your wine preferences when shopping for your ideal glasses.

Red wine glasses

Wine glasses designed for reds generally feature wider bowls to encourage oxidation or air exposure. This brings out the red wine's aroma, which enhances the taste as you're drinking.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses are narrower and smaller than their red counterparts, which helps the wine stay cool and concentrates the aroma toward your nose.

All-purpose glasses

If you're a casual wine drinker who likes all types, consider an all-purpose glass suitable for both reds and whites.

Champagne glasses

If champagne is your style, opt for tall, narrow flutes that help maintain the bubbles.

What quality of wine glass should I get?

Wine glasses are crafted of glass or crystal -- crystal being glass with lead oxide. Crystal, the pricier option, can be blown more thinly than glass and refracts light for exceptional clarity and sparkle. Being more porous than glass, crystal allows more breathing room for the wine but needs to be hand-washed to avoid breakage. Glass, on the other hand, cannot be made as thin as crystal, but is generally dishwasher safe due to its non-porous nature. If you're seeking the best of both worlds, look for lead-free crystal or platinum glass wine glasses -- high-quality, dishwasher-safe vessels for savouring your favourite vino.

What design of wine glass should I get?

Stemmed vs. stemless wine glasses

When you think of a wine glass, you'll probably imagine the traditional stemmed glass. A wine glass's stem gives you something to hold onto, and stops the wine from warming up in your hand. Stemless wine glasses, on the other hand, offer a casual alternative. They're more durable without a delicate stem, and can often be washed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Tapered vs. flared wine glasses

A wine glass with a tapered rim keeps the wine's aroma at the top of the glass when you swirl, enhancing the flavour as you sip. A flared rim, on the other hand, guides the flow of the wine toward the tip of your tongue to soften acidity and accentuate fruit flavours. Flared-rimmed glasses are ideal for younger, more acidic wines.