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43 results


Stock Your Kitchen and Bar With Trendy Glassware Sets for Daily Use and Entertaining

Glassware sets are a must-have for any home, providing a matching set of glasses you can use in the kitchen for drinking juice, water, smoothies, and more. You can also have glassware sets for your bar area that include options for various types of drinks, ideal for having some wine with dinner, or while entertaining guests.

There are different styles of glassware sets to accommodate different types of drinks, from tumblers for juice and water to wine glasses, old-fashioned glasses for whiskey and bourbon, and even more specialized glasses, like shot glasses, champagne flutes, and brandy glasses.

In addition to glassware sets, barware accessories are essential to ensure that when you host a gathering, you can accentuate your drinks impressively, and use the right glass for the drink each guest desires.

What types of glassware sets are available?

For the kitchen, you can get drinking glasses sets like tumblers. They come in basic designs, or with fun accents, colours, and even in unique shapes if you prefer more playful designs. There are double wall glasses that are great for keeping drinks cool or hot, providing extra insulation.

For the bar, glassware sets include whiskey glasses, scotch glasses, cocktail glasses, highball glasses, glasses for spirits, copper glasses for Moscow Mules, champagne flutes, various wine glasses (for cabernets, pinot noirs, and white), sake, brandy, bourbon, shot/shooter glasses, and more. Designs range from modern, trendy, and contemporary (think Sex and the City), to more old-fashioned and classic (think Mad Men). Some glasses employ a mouth-blown design, and some are handcrafted.

Glassware can come in sets of 2 up to 8 (or more). Typically, tumblers for the kitchen come with more glasses per set, while glasses for alcoholic drinks often come in sets of 2 or 4. Some sets include just the glasses, others add items like a decanter for wine or whiskey, whiskey stones or balls that you can freeze and use to keep drinks cool while not diluting them, or even gift boxes.

What should you look for with glassware sets?

When getting glassware sets for the kitchen, consider ones with stackable designs so you can easily and neatly fit them in your cupboard. Look for BPA- and lead-free glass. If you have young children, you’ll want glassware that’s durable and can resist breaking through thermal shock-resistant designs. It’s also a plus if the glassware is dishwasher-safe.

For glassware sets for the bar, have a selection that matches your home’s look and feel, whether it’s timeless and classic or modern and contemporary. If you have friends over often for whiskey and scotch-tasting, grab old-fashioned glasses that go great with cigars and good conversation. If you and your guests are cabernet drinkers, meanwhile, opt for tall, wide-mouthed wine glasses that help the wine breathe.