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138 results


Serve every hot beverage in the best mugs and tea cups

You enjoy your favourite cup of coffee or hot tea every day, so why wouldn’t you enjoy it in mugs or tea cups you love? Whether you’re a collector of coffee mugs or you just like to enjoy your daily tea in a pretty tea cup, there’s something for every style and taste at Best Buy.

What type of mugs or tea cups should you choose?

There are so many different types of mugs and tea cups, it can be hard to choose just one. The beauty of this type of dinnerware is that you really don’t have to narrow down your choices. Because they come in sets or as single pieces, you can enjoy the same style or a unique coffee mug or tea mug every day.

Whether you choose a single mug or a set of mugs will really depend on where you’ll be using it. If you’re at home you may want a matching set, while you may want to take a single mug to work with you.

If you’re dinnerware set didn’t include mugs and you’re looking for a match, you can easily find mugs and tea cups to match your plates, bowls, and other dinnerware.

What is the best material for my mug?

Mugs are made from different materials. Ceramic coffee mugs and tea mugs are one of the more popular choices, and you can also choose glass coffee mugs or plastic mugs. Glass coffee mugs are a popular choice for espresso-based beverages like Lattes and Americanos.

What style of mug do you prefer?

Mugs aren’t just meant to hold hot liquids. If you choose a themed mug it can also show your love or fandom for the latest TV shows, pop culture icons, or a certain theme. Mugs with different quotes or memes are also great for work and even better for gifting.

Do you drink coffee, tea, or both?

What type of mug you prefer depends on whether you drink coffee or tea. Mugs are available in different sizes too, and you’ll find smaller mugs for drinks like espresso and larger mugs for drinks like cappuccino. Tea cups are available in dainty styles for high tea or sturdier tea mugs for daily beverages.

Ceramic coffee mugs

Coffee is best served in ceramic coffee mugs. Ceramic is a very common material. Because heat transfers slowly through ceramic, this style of mug holds heat very well and keeps your coffee hotter for longer.

You’ll love ceramic coffee mugs if you occasionally heat your coffee back up too. This style of mug shouldn’t become hot to the touch in a microwave. The only downside to ceramic coffee mugs is that they are not as durable as glass, and they may be prone to cracking over time and use.

Glass coffee mugs or tea cups

Glass coffee mugs are great for coffee or tea, especially if you choose double walled glass mugs. Double walled glass mugs are perfect for use with espresso machines because they showcase your coffee creation. They also tend to retain heat better than a single wall glass mug.

Plastic coffee or tea mugs

Besides ceramic coffee mugs, tea cups, and glass mugs, you can also choose hard plastic mugs. While they are extremely durable, have a long lifespan, and are great for retaining heat, they aren’t a popular choice for coffee drinkers or tea drinkers. The plastic may give an aftertaste to the hot beverage.