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Relive your favourite gaming memories with Retro Game Consoles

They just don’t make video games like they used to. Luckily there are many ways to relive games you may remember from childhood and beyond. From new versions of classic consoles to retro game libraries on modern consoles, many of the most popular retro video games can still be played today. Whether you are playing for nostalgia or introducing classic games to a new generation, Retro Game Consoles can put a vast catalogue of amazing games at your fingertips.

Classic Mini Retro Consoles

Some of the most popular retro game consoles available today are new reproductions of classic consoles. These consoles are often “miniature” versions of the original, and instead of playing old cartridges, they feature a selection of built-in titles. While the concept isn’t new, these types of consoles received a huge boost in popularity with the release of the NES and SNES Classic consoles from Nintendo.

Today you can find similar retro devices available for many classic consoles, including the Sega Genesis, the PlayStation One, Atari, and even the Commodore 64. These faithful reproductions are designed to work with modern televisions via HDMI, and often feature scaling options to improve the way the games appear on modern displays.

New consoles for old games

Another option for retro gaming are new consoles designed to play your old games. These consoles do not feature a built-in library of games, but instead recreate classic consoles that allow you to actually play your old video game cartridges.

Often these types of retro game consoles will function with multiple types of cartridges. For example, the RetroN 3 gaming console can play cartridges for the NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis consoles. Just remember for this type of console you’ll need to provide the games yourself.

Handheld and Plug-and-Play consoles

There are a few other common types of retro gaming consoles that often come with a built-in library of games. Handheld retro consoles are often modelled after devices like Nintendo’s Game Boy, and allow for a portable retro gaming experience. Handheld consoles can also be designed to accept some types of retro game cartridges. Others can actually mount to your mobile device to provide a retro gaming experience.

Conversely, Plug-and-Play devices still require a television or monitor display, but these devices often incorporate the console directly into the controller input device. Simply connect the controller to a video display and enjoy the built-in library of retro games.

Retro gaming accessories

Many retro game consoles offer ports for additional controllers which can be purchased separately. There are also a number of other retro controllers available that can connect to a variety of devices via a wireless or Bluetooth connection. These controllers are often modelled to replicate the feel of classic controllers, allowing players to get the feel of a familiar classic controller across modern platforms.

There is also an array of retro gaming accessories available that work in conjunction with genuine older retro consoles. If you have an older console in your home but are lacking a functional controller, power source, or video output cable, chances are there is a replacement option available for purchase.

Retro gaming on modern consoles

Current generation consoles also offer access to some of the biggest retro hits of the past. In conjunction with its Nintendo Online subscription service, the Nintendo Switch offers a growing library of digital NES titles, with new games being added every month.

The Xbox One family of consoles is backward compatible with a large library of games going back all the way to the original Xbox generation. These games can be purchased and downloaded digitally, or downloaded for free by placing the original disc in the Xbox One console.

PlayStation 4 also offers a back-catalogue of games as far back as the PlayStation 2 through its PS Now subscription service. However, these games can only be accessed by subscribing to PS Now, and cannot be purchased or played by inserting an original disc version.