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Set the mood with Philips Hue smart lighting. Colour your home a million ways, all from your phone.
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Philips Hue Lights Up Your Home

Whether you place them inside or outside, Philips Hue will light up your home. Philips Hue are energy-efficient lights that will let you create a smart home lighting system. Just install the Philips Hue Bridge, plug in your smart light bulbs, light strips, lamps, fixtures, or Philips Hue accessories, and you can enjoy warm, bright, and colourful light in your home.

How are Philips Hue Lights different from other smart lights?

Smart light bulbs are different from traditional light bulbs in many different ways. Thanks to Hue Bridge, you don’t need a dimmer switch or light switch to control them. Just tap the app to turn your lights off, on, dim, change colours, or set them on a schedule.

Philips Hue lights are also different from other lights in that they give you access to 16 million different colours for your lights. You can set the mood at a party, create a unique light recipe for movie night, and even use your Hue Bridge to sync your lights with your favourite soundtracks for movies, TV, and music.

You can control your Philips Hue bulbs and Philips Hue lights via the Hue app or by using voice control. Hue lights are compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Philips Hue Lights Starter Kit

The fastest way to experience Hue lights in your home is by installing a starter kit. Philips Hue Starter Kits include four smart light bulbs and one Hue Bridge. The Bridge is the smart hub for your Philip Hue lights, and once connected you’ll be able to turn your lights off and on, set a geolocation so your lights turn off and on based on when you’ll be home or leave home, and create unique light recipes to set a mood or mimic the sunrise.

Philips Hue Starter Kits are available in sets that include Hue White and color ambience, a kit with 4 energy-efficient LED bulbs that let you change your Hue lights to over 16 million colors. You can also find Hue lights starter kits with Hue White light bulbs that create warm white light, cool white light, or both.

Philips Hue Bulbs

Once you have the Hue Bridge you’ll be able to add single Philips Hue Bulbs to different areas of your home. Some Philips Hue bulbs also work via Bluetooth, so while the Hue Bridge is not required, you’ll need it to unlock all of the smart features available with Hue lights.

Philips Hue bulbs are available in white or colour, and can be found in standard light bulb sizes, vintage-style light, or smaller E12 size.

Hue Lightstrips

Philips Hue lightstrips are designed to be placed under your cabinets, behind your TV, or under or above a piece of furniture. Hue lightstrips are available in white or colour, can be used inside or outside, and require the Hue Bridge for full control.

With Hue lightstrips you can play with light by flexing, bending, or cutting your lightstrip. You can extend the light strip with Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus extensions, placing them down your stairs or wrapping them around your entertainment unit.

Philips Hue Lamps and Fixtures

When you add Hue to your home, you can add more than just light bulbs or light strips. Hue lights are available as lamps and wired fixtures too.

There are a variety of different Hue lamps and fixtures you can add to your home. Choose a ceiling or pendent light and change your lights from colour to bright task lighting with just a tap. Hue outdoor wall lighting is hardwired just like any other outdoor light, but you can change colours or have it turn on and off on a schedule.

Hue flood lights are weatherproof, outdoor lights that light up a large area with your choice of 16 million colors. There’s also Philips Hue Table Lamps or Table Lights you can place on your desk or beside your bed for cozy light you can turn off with your voice or through the app.

Philips Hue Outdoor Lights

Add Hue spotlights, Hue pathway lights, and Philips Hue outdoor light fixtures to your yard and light up your garden, patio, or front porch. Hue lights increase your outdoor security by brightening dark areas in your yard, and you can set them to turn off and on using a schedule, outdoor motion sensor, or location tracking via the Hue app.

Hue Accessories

Hue has different accessories to enhance your Philips Hue lights. You can use a motion sensor or outdoor motion sensor to automate your lights, and the Hue Tap Switch is a wireless device that gives you quick access to different Hue scenes. There’s also the Hue Dimmer Switch, letting you tap to dim your Hue lights.

With so many different Philips Hue lights to choose from, you can illuminate your home with warm, colourful smart light.