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Bring home Hisense TVs

Choosing a TV is about more than just deciding on size and type of screen resolution. If your choice also relies on selecting a TV brand that’s reputable and known for quality, you can’t go wrong with a Hisense TV.

Why should you choose a Hisense TV?

Hisense stands apart from other brands as one of the fastest growing TV brands in Canada. Not only do they make flat-panel TVs, they are also responsible for some of your favourite appliances including refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. After 50 years in the business, Hisense is dedicated to making high quality products that are easy on your budget.

Which Hisense TV is for you?

Choosing a new TV to bring home is exciting, and when you choose Hisense you’ll find a wide variety of TVs to suit every home and every budget.

Hisense LED TVs

Hisense is one of the leading manufacturers of LED TVs in Canada. While the average Canadian homeowner favours a Hisense 55 inch TV, you can find sizes as small as the Hisense 32 inch TV and as large as a Hisense 70 inch TV.

Choosing a Hisense 4K TV means you can enjoy stunning clarity and crisp, clear resolution. With high dynamic range (HDR) you can see view on-screen colours that are true to life, and many Hisense LED models have MR120 motion rate to reduce blur and AI scene recognition to identify input and adjust your sound and picture accordingly.

Certain models of Hisense Smart TV run the Android operating system to give you quick access to your favourite streaming apps.

Hisense Roku TV

Roku is one of the best TV streaming platforms, and it’s now available in a Hisense TV. A Hisense Roku TV lets you stream your favourite movies and TV in stunning 4K Ultra-HD. Some models of Hisense Roku TV have Dolby Vision™ with HDR10 on board. Because they run on the Roku platform, all of the most popular apps and channels are available at the touch of a button on your remote. You’ll also be able to access voice control via Google Assistant or Alexa.

Hisense QLED TV

The Hisense QLED TV is a great choice for anyone who wants a Hisense smart TV with the best picture quality possible. QLED, or quantum dot LED TV, is a TV with a backlight that has a quantum dot film layered on top of it. The result is a TV with deep blacks and billions of ultra-bright colours combinations. You can find Hisense QLED TVs with Dolby Vision with HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos audio built in for the best TV viewing, movie streaming, and gaming experience.

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