Best Buy Membership, Protection, and Geek Squad Terms and Conditions

Stay up to date with the terms and conditions of your Best Buy Membership, Best Buy Protection, Geek Squad services, and other plans we offer. Plus, see the archive of former terms and conditions, for reference.

To find your terms and conditions, select your program below and the terms and conditions that was in use when you purchased. 

As of May 10, 2022, Geek Squad Home Membership and Geek Squad Business Membership are no longer available. All active Members have been automatically transferred into our Best Buy Membership program and the Best Buy Membership terms and conditions is their terms and conditions.

Best Buy Membership

Best Buy Members get free tech support, huge savings on protection plans, services, and more. Visit the Membership page to see program details.

Geek Squad Services

Assured Living

Get the latest in wellness monitoring technology to help keep your loved ones connected and empowered to live life to the fullest in the comfort of their own home. 

Geek Squad Business Membership (no longer active)

Geek Squad Protection (no longer active)

See the archive of former plans, for reference. To see the terms and conditions associated with your former plan, select the document that was in use when you purchased. 

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