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  • Kingston Technology, A trusted name in PC memory and storage

    Kingston HyperX memory and accessories

    The days when 2GB or 4GB of RAM were sufficient for demanding computer tasks are long gone. When it’s time for an upgrade, PC and laptop owners choose Kingston DRAM memory. Kingston memory meets OEM specifications and is backed by 100% testing, a lifetime warranty, and over 30 years of expertise.

    Kingston HyperX is the memory brand of choice for creative professionals and gamers seeking performance upgrades. They can also improve their experience by choosing Kingston eSports-ready HyperX accessories including headsets, keyboards with full RGB lighting effects, and mice.

    For the ultimate in high-performance gaming, Kingston FURY DDR4 RAM is available in speeds up to 5333MHz in a choice of 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB modules.

    Kingston Technology SSDs

    Kingston offers a wide range of solid state drives for laptops and desktops. A new Kingston SSD drive is ideal for system upgrades, and the first choice for new PC builds.

    Kingston’s popular 2.5-inch mSATA SSDs offer reliability, high speeds, and a wide range of storage capacities. They are compatible with most PCs and many laptops, and the standard form factor means no need for an adapter or specialized parts.

    PC storage is a technology that evolves rapidly, and Kingston is always at the forefront. This includes a line of ultra-fast and ultra-compact, next-generation M.2 NVME PCIE SSDs.

    Kingston DataTraveler USB thumb drives

    Despite the internet and the cloud, the “sneakernet” has never gone away. 30 years ago that meant computer disks. Today, the easiest way to carry data from one PC to another is with Kingston DataTraveler USB thumb drives, like the popular DataTraveler 100 series flash drives.

    DataTraveler thumb drives are fast, reliable, and conveniently compact. They offer the storage capacity to handle even large multimedia files including music, and video.

    Kingston SD and Micro SD memory cards

    Flash memory cards are used by a huge range of devices including digital cameras, action cameras, portable game consoles, dashcams, tablets, and drones.

    Kingston offers high speed SD and Micro SD cards that ensure your electronics perform as expected. You’re never left waiting while a file is saved. You’ll find a Kingston flash memory card for even the most demanding applications including gaming, the constant over-writing of security and dashcams, and even shooting professional quality 8K video.

    Kingston Technology is the company everyone from gamers to professionals chooses for high performance memory and digital storage.