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Get healthier fried food and more with T-fal

French company Tefal, known in North America as T-fal (a portmeanteau of “Teflon” and “aluminum”) is credited with creating the non-stick category of cookware, along with products that can fry foods in a healthier way. The brand makes everything from air fryers to other small appliances, cookware, and even garment steaming appliances.

T-fal Air Fryers

T-fal’s air fryers come in all sizes to accommodate small or large quantities of fried food, from French fries and onion rings to chicken, meat, fish, and world cuisines. At the heart is Dual Motion Technology, which uses hot air and an automatic stirring paddle that only requires a tablespoon of oil to fry up to 2 lbs. of French fries or other foods.

Easy to clean, a glass viewing window lets you monitor the cook, while multiple pre-set cooking programs let you set the optimum temperature. A 2-in-1 model can even fry two types of food at once.

Available in finishes like white, black, or stainless steel, there are models that can grill, roast, and bake as well; along with a Deep Fryer that drains, filters, and stores oil for your next cook. They come with cool-touch exteriors, accessories like a frying basket and measuring spoon, and tons of recipe ideas.

T-fal Small Appliances and Cookware

Other small appliances made by T-fal include pressure cookers, multicookers, and grills.

A neat 25-in-1 pressure cooker can make everything from oatmeal to rice and baby food, slow cook foods, steam, and cook at high pressure. With an LED display and delay start option, this and other pressure and multi-cookers can simplify dinnertime.

Among the non-stick grills is a smart Bluetooth model that lets you monitor the cook via an app and assign a specific doneness level so you can grill medium rare and well-done steaks or burgers and accommodate everyone’s preference. Receive an alert when the cook is ready based on pre-set programs and the intelligent sensor.

Serve meals in T-fal cookware, including sets from 9 up to 11 pieces, or individual items like frying pans, saucepans, Dutch ovens, and stew pots with lids. In finishes like champagne, grey, and black, the non-stick aluminum resists warping. They come with ergonomic handles and are dishwasher- and oven-safe. Patented Thermo-Spot technology tells you when the pan is properly pre-heated, so dishes come out perfect every time; while Techno Release makes it easy for food to slide out without sticking.

T-fal Garment Steamers and Irons

T-fal doesn’t just make kitchen appliances: the company also has an extensive line of garment steamers and irons to keep clothing wrinkle-free. Large, removable water tanks let you steam multiple items before they need to be refilled, and boil dry protection offers safe use. With an integrated hanger, other features include an adjustable telescopic pole, woven fabric hose, and rolling wheels for easily transporting a garment steamer from one room to another. Heating up in just 60 seconds, your shirt, skirt, blouse, or pants will be perfectly steamed so you can quickly head out the door in the morning.

For those who use an iron and ironing board, T-fal irons come in a variety of colours, from basic white to blue, purple, and black. A Durilium technology soleplate offers superior gliding across all types of fabrics, and Smart Technology protects clothing so you can safely steam everything from silk blouses to a pair of jeans.

Active steam holes offer even steam distribution, and you’ll also find self-clean mode, anti-drip functions, and a warning light. T-fal’s patented Easycord System consists of a telescopic cord that retracts back into the base for easy storage.

Fry foods in a much healthier way, cook meals quickly and efficiently, and keep your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free with T-fal appliances and accessories for the kitchen and beyond—from air fryers to pressure cookers, cookware, grills, garment steamers, and more.