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Plantronics - Leader in Audio Solutions

Plantronics provides products that offer both amazing sound and ultimate comfort while listening to music, making calls, gaming, sports, and conducting business in professional settings. The product range includes a wide selection of headphones, including on-ear, earbuds, and wireless versions of both, as well as Bluetooth and professional headsets, and true wireless earbuds.

Plantronics Headphones

Plantronics offers a wide range of headphones to suit various scenarios, whether it’s private listening at home, immersing yourself in your music while commuting, taking and receiving phone calls on the go, gaming, or other activities.

There are both wired and, more commonly now, Bluetooth wireless over-ear models that do away with cumbersome wires. Some models are noise-canceling, blocking out distracting ambient sounds so you can fully immerse yourself in your music, podcast, or other audio.

Plantronics also makes headphones for serious gamers, featuring expertly tuned audio, swappable mic cables, a noise-canceling boom mic for communicating with teammates and competitors, and folding earcups for stashing them in your bag to take with you.

Plantronics Earbuds

In addition to over-ear headphones, Plantronics also makes in-ear Bluetooth and wired headphones, including many models that are designed for active wearers. Many Plantronics Bluetooth earbuds are sweat- and waterproof, boast long battery life, noise canceling, and smart features that automatically pause the music if a call comes in, automatically answer a call when you pop one into your ear, and even respond to voice commands.

Models like those in the BackBeat line are wireless, with a single small cord that fits around the back of your neck for a comfortable fit that won’t get in the way.

Plantronics is also aboard the latest trend of true wireless earbuds with comfortable, rugged models that fit securely in the ear, even during intense sports, are sweat- and waterproof, and boast the high-quality audio you have come to expect from the brand. With the ability to quick charge using the included charging case, the sound can be further customized using the BackBeat app.

Plantronics Headsets

Perhaps what Plantronics is best known for, however, are its headsets, which include both Bluetooth headsets for everyday users who want to make and receive hands-free phone calls as well as professional headsets for the office.

Bluetooth headsets that pop into your ear boast features like triple mics, the ability to cancel out background noise caused by things like wind and movement that can impede the clarity of a call, and auto-answer that will pick up a call once you pop the bud into your ear without you having to press a button; alternatively, just say “answer” or “ignore.”

Lightweight and comfortable, Plantronics Bluetooth headsets offer long talk and standby time as well.

For the office, Plantronics offers a wide selection of headsets, ranging from Microsoft headsets that come with a Bluetooth mini adapter to connect it to your computer, to headsets with microphones, and standard UC headsets that can integrate with popular UC applications to use with a computer, tablet, or phone. There are also convertible headsets that offer an impressive 350-foot range, the ability to conference in up to three additional headsets by docking them into a base, and hot-swappable batteries for unlimited talk time.

With precision-tuned mics and features like intelligent muting which will automatically mute a call when you take the headset off, along with OpenMic that lets you press a button to hear surroundings when needed, they are ideal headsets for any office worker whose job is to make and receive plenty