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Sharp Canada has the top-of-the-line TV technology for every room plus home theatre, computers, tablets and office supplies to make your home relaxing or your business running

Sharp Televisions & Smart TVs

With a wide range of sizes and features to choose from you can easily find a Sharp TV that’s perfect for your room and your viewing needs; from movie night, to must-see TV and even gaming, Sharp televisions are the ideal balance between quality and price.

Whether you want the latest 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs from Sharp or you want something with built-in streaming, like a Sharp smart TV, Sharp’s cutting-edge display technology means you can count on breathtaking resolution, colour and clarity.

Sharp Aquos TV & Sharp 8K TV

Take things to the next level by choosing a Sharp Aquos TV for stunning clarity, deep contrast, and brilliant colour for the ultimate in TV viewing. Whether you want hyper-clear 4K resolution, or you want to go to the next level of ultra detailed 8K resolution, Sharp televisions deliver on a video picture so real you want to reach out and touch it.

No matter how close you get to Sharp 8K UHD screen, you can’t see the pixels with the naked eye. The images are so realistic that you’ll think you’re looking out a window.

Sharp Display Boards, Digital Signage & Touchscreen Monitors

If its your job to make your business stand out, do it with Sharp products. Revolutionize the way you conduct business with the next generation all-in one interactive touch-screens from Sharp including the Sharp Aquos line of capacitive touch boards and monitors that you can use horizontally or as a vertical display monitor for specialty applications like stores and trade shows.

No matter what size display board you need, Sharp has options for your small meeting room, or the executive board room. If you need digital display monitors for the team, choosing a Sharp monitor means giving your staff high clarity screens with amazing clarity and detail.

Sharp Audio

From portable Bluetooth audio solutions to more permanent sound systems, Sharp Audio has options for enjoying podcasts, streaming music, or even CDs. You’ll get high quality sound combined with powerful musical vibes.

Sharp Office Supplies

Sharp Canada provides total business coverage, no matter your needs. From mundane but very necessary items like copier toner and printer ink, to calculators and adding machines, you can count on Sharp to keep your supply chain running.

Whether you want to enjoy the latest in entertainment in the comfort of your home, or whether you need to keep your office connected, Sharp products have you covered.