Get the Air Hockey Table of Your Dreams

Air hockey tables are a virtual staple when it comes to home game rooms . Ranging from arcade-worthy proportions to table-top sized, they’re a great way to spend those nights in with family and friends. We’ll give you some useful information to help you find an air hockey table that will score in your home.

Air Hockey Table Highlights

Generally, air hockey tables feature a fan beneath a perforated playing surface. This fan produces air through the holes in the table, allowing the puck to glide as though it’s on ice. Air hockey tables can come with legs, or as table top versions, which have a compact size ideal for small rooms and easy transportation.

Powering Your Air Hockey Table

Most air hockey tables operate either on batteries or through a power outlet. Larger tables generally need to be plugged into a wall outlet, since batteries usually don’t have the capacity to power them. Smaller tables can be powered by both, though if you’re a frequent player, plugging it in is a good idea. However, if you’re taking your air hockey table out of your home, the battery option is your best bet.

Get Your Motor Running

The type of motor in your air hockey table is best when it is high output UL approved. It provides consistent airflow and quiet operation. Some air hockey tables have two motors. However, two aren’t necessary if there’s a large enough motor and a Plenum chamber. The Plenum chamber, located between the blower and air distribution system in the playing surface, allows for even air pressure circulation.

Air Hockey Construction

The construction of an air hockey table is crucial to its durability and longevity. Choose a table with rink walls or side rails made with solid aluminum or thick nylon rather than thin laminate, so they can stand up to constant puck abuse. Steel and wood laminate legs coupled with a sturdy base will stand up to aggressive play. Smaller tables are usually made up of plastic and wood panelling, while medium tables usually feature wood or metal legs with a play area framed with MDF or metal casing. Large, professional-style tables are often constructed of solid wood and strong metal.

Choosing the Right Size

Depending on how much space there is in your home or the age of the players, the size of the air hockey table you choose should also be a factor into your buying decision. Tables measuring 2 feet are mostly table-top versions, ideal for small spaces and young children. Six foot tables are the most popular size for in-home play, while the largest of tables, which are usually 7 or 8 feet, are suitable for large play rooms or basements, or even arcades.

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