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Camera Battery Chargers: Power On, All Day Long

Whether you’re a professional photographer or weekend hobbyist, there’s nothing worse than framing up the perfect shot only to have your camera batteries hit empty. If you’ve lost or broken your camera’s battery charger or just want an extra one to stash in your field bag, here’s a quick look at everything you need to know about finding a new charger.

Finding the Right Type of Camera Battery Charger

Using the wrong charger can result in serious damage, so it’s critically important to only use a charger that’s compatible with your camera’s batteries. If your camera uses rechargeable AA or AAA batteries, finding a new charger is fairly straightforward. All you need to know is the size (AA or AAA) and type (NiMH, NiCd, lithium-ion) of your batteries.

If you’re using a camera that requires dedicated battery packs, such as a DSLR, you’ll need to be a little more careful. Most camera companies use proprietary technology when it comes to their battery packs and chargers, so a battery from one brand will be considerably different than one from another brand. Unfortunately, this means chargers from one brand of camera can’t be used with batteries from another.

To avoid doing serious damage to your batteries, look for a charger that’s compatible with the exact model of your camera. Most chargers are brand specific and will clearly list the camera model numbers the charger is compatible with.

Universal Camera Battery Chargers

In some cases, it might be more convenient to opt for a universal camera battery charger. You might have several cameras and battery types from a few different brands, or you might be trying to replace a charger that’s hard to find. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that universal camera battery chargers won’t work with every battery type, especially when it comes to battery packs using proprietary technology. They also aren’t optimized for specific battery types the same way that brand- and model-specific chargers are.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Camera Battery Charger

Charging camera batteries can take quite a while, so one of the best features to look for in a charger is dual charging ports. This allows you to charge up two batteries simultaneously, an especially helpful feature if you’re travelling or shooting in the field and have limited down time.

Another helpful feature to have if you spend a lot of time shooting while you’re on the go is USB charging. This gives you the option of plugging the charger into your laptop or PC in order to charge your battery. This can be slower than plugging the charger into a wall outlet, but if you’re far from a wall outlet and in a pinch it’s a welcome option.

Most chargers include an LED indicator to signal when the charging is complete, but it’s helpful to look for a charger that includes a charging progress LED. This gives you an estimate of how much time is left in the charging cycle with at-a-glance ease.