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What are car starters, and how do they work?

Car starter remotes are keychain sized devices that wirelessly communicate with your vehicle to make it start remotely at the press of a button. They work via a radio frequency that sends a signal to a box that’s attached to your vehicle’s ignition switch when you press the start button on your key fob. It’s this box that actually starts your car. Many remote key fobs will successfully operate at a range of up to 500 feet or more—some much more! Some fobs can also lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors, pop the trunk, and perform various other functions, but being able to start your car at a distance is priceless. Things get even better when starters and security equipment are bundled together.

Does a car starter work for any car?

The answer to this question is somewhat complex, but it’s mostly good news. While nearly any car can be fitted with a remote starter, there are a few key factors to consider. For instance, it helps if remote starters were available for your make and model of car when it was first manufactured. Some older vehicles (pre 2005) may pose issues; these may require an aftermarket starter be installed. It’s also worth noting that adding a remote starter to a standard (manual-shift) vehicle is more involved than adding one to an automatic, though it certainly is possible. Some vehicles may also require additional parts to make the starter fit and work properly.

Who would need a car starter or other car security products?

If you own your own vehicle, there’s a case to be made that you need at least some of the equipment discussed here. If circumstances are such that you have to park outside all the time, and particularly over night during the long, cold, winters, a remote car starter can be an absolute lifesaver. This is because it allows you to avoid sitting in your frozen car to start it while you warm up the vehicle’s engine and interior cabin and try to melt the frost off of the windows. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home and only make your way out to the car once it’s all toasty warm and ready to roll.

Car security is an issue that every vehicle owner should take very seriously. Devices such as car cameras and alarm systems go a long way toward protecting your car when you’re not right there overseeing it yourself. Car alarms in particular will not only blast a siren to let you know if someone’s messing with your vehicle, but also to scare the perpetrator off. Luckily, many car starters today come bundled with alarm systems, remote keyless entry, and other security features. If you truly want to ensure your car is safe and sound when you’re not around, a vehicular security system and remote starter bundle from Best Buy is certainly the way to go!