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Frequently asked questions about kids musical instruments

Childhood is a great age to pick up an instrument. It’s a gratifying skill that will follow an individual for a lifetime of pleasure and discovery. It’s also a source of joy for friends and family. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from parents about picking a musical instrument.

What is the easiest instrument for a child to learn?

There are many instruments your child can start learning music on. Ukuleles are a great choice for young beginners because they have a simple four-string layout. Also, they are easier to grip compared to something that has a larger neck such as the guitar or bass. Other very popular instruments for youngsters are the recorder and the xylophone. They are widely used in children’s music classes all over the world because of their ease of use and low cost. While there are some instruments that are complete and can get quite complex like the piano, guitar and drums, it’s always possible to simplify songs and find beginner versions. This is why you shouldn’t rule out any choice, especially if your child shows affinity towards a particular instrument.

What age should a child start a musical instrument?

While a child of any age can start learning a musical instrument, it is around 4 and older where they have developed enough to handle a wide variety of instruments. Their minds are also primed at that age to absorb the various elements and details that make up music such as rhythm, theory, harmony and melody. Additionally, a lot of instruments exist in smaller versions to accommodate kids including guitars, violins, ukuleles and others. These aren’t intended to be toy designs, but actual instruments that have the same proportions as their full-sized counterparts. There are even pianos with narrow keys to help children get started as soon as possible if that is their desire.

Is age important in choosing the right instrument?

While age isn’t that important in reality, you can maximize the enjoyment a youngster will get by picking a simple instrument to learn on or a smaller one that is suitable for their size. Ukuleles are a great place to start, thanks to their simplicity. Your child will be strumming along to their favourite songs in no time. Yamaha makes a hybrid between a guitar and a ukulele, which offers all the possibilities and chord shapes of a six-string model, but in a very manageable format. There are also ½ and ¾ guitars for the youngest beginners. These reduce the challenge in pressing down on the strings and feature a smaller, more reasonable neck. They are of good quality, produce a great sound and will be an excellent learning tool. Nylon strings offer the most comfortable playing experience and will make learning as comfortable as possible.