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  • Air Fryers on Sale: Add an Air Fryer to Your Kitchen

    Air Fryer on Sale At Best Buy

    If you're familiar with popular small kitchen appliances, you've likely heard about air fryers by now. These super-charged countertop ovens are designed to deliver results similar to deep frying but with little (or, occasionally, no) oil.

    Air fryers work by heating a small space to a determined temperature very quickly, and then using a strong fan to create what is essentially an intense convection oven. These innovative devices mimic the crispy results of deep frying but use fast-moving hot air instead of boiling oil to achieve them.

    What are the advantages of using an air fryer?

    One of the reasons that air fryers are so well-loved by families in North America is that they're a healthier alternative to deep fryers. Where a deep fryer may need multiple cups of oil to submerge and fry your food, an air fryer will often just use 1-2 tablespoons of oil misted over the entire dish that you're frying.

    Another big draw to air fryers is their ability to heat up quickly. Because they're so much smaller than a full-sized oven, and because they typically come with very powerful heating elements, most air fryers don't need pre-heating. This means that not only can you achieve fried or like-fried results with very little oil, but you can do so in less time than you would need in an oven.

    What different kinds of air fryers are available on sale?

    There are three common types of air fryers on sale that you'll find at Best Buy. The first is a traditional air fryer, which uses a basket design to heat and "fry" your foods with extreme efficiency. These have a lot of space within them, so they're a popular choice with families who routinely cook large meals.

    The second type is a double-basket air fryer, which allows you to cook multiple small batches of food at once and serve them both while they're piping hot.

    Finally, you'll find air fryer deals on air fryers with a convection oven design. These models open with a swinging, transparent door, and are most similar to a toaster oven or countertop oven. Some of these air fryers are offered with a few extra functions, such as the ability to dehydrate or rotisserie your foods.

    Why choose an air fryer over a toaster oven or convection oven?

    Air fryers are a great way to step up your toaster oven or convection oven game with a small device that gets food crispier in less time. Look to these air fryer deals if you're seeking a faster, healthier way to offer your family delicious, fried foods without all the oil.