TP-Link Wi-Fi Light Switch - 2 Pack

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Model Number: HS210 Kit
Web Code: 12483932


Turn your home into a smart home with the TP-Link Wi-Fi 3-way light switch. With the provided Smart Switch Kit, you can easily convert your home's light switches to modern technology and adjust your lighting with your smartphone or voice command thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity.

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2 Years
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  • Smart Switch Kit makes it easy to replace 3-way switches common in living rooms, stairways, and halls
  • Control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa app
  • Easy installation with step-by-step instructions from the Kasa app so you don't have to worry about understanding complicated electrical wiring
  • Connects to standard home Wi-Fi networks
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control
Smart 3-way switch
Smart Lighting Type
Smart Switch/Plug Type
Smart Switch
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Apple HomeKit
Works with Nest
Device Compatibility
Android 4.1 & Higher; iOS 9.0 & Higher
Wifi Compatibility
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operating environment
Motion Activated
Remote Control Included
Built In Speaker
Colour Changing
2-Wire Installation
100 - 120VAC, 50/60Hz


7 cm
16 cm
13 cm
420 g
  • 2 x HS210 3-Way Smart Switches
  • 2 x Wall Plates
  • 4 x Wire Nuts

  • Works great, so-so support from manufacturer

    from Edmonton on 18 avril 2019

    These are pretty easy to install, but i had an issue with a couple of them. Not having the neutral in one of my boxes where I wanted one switch made it not able to be installed there, so check your switch box before deciding to install there. The second issue I had was when a wire wasn't making contact in the marette. My fault, but the TP Link support person was obviously not an electrician to help with troubleshooting. I ended up figuring it out myself. One other thing... Youll need to remove some plastic from this switch to allow a multiple-switch cover to go over flush, and its not the same white (close enough for me). You only need one of these switches in each circuit (so a 2-pack will do 2 different circuits), and it's smart enough to know if the light is on or off if you toggle the other normal switch in the same circuit.

  • Quality unit with great Kasa App

    from Utopia, ON on 16 février 2019

    As in one of the reviews below, I installed only one switch on my three way circuit. It workered! Now I have a spare for other three way circuits in my home. In fact, I liked how everything thing works and the App that I purchased another set. Everything works with the Google Assistant but it DOES NOT work with the Apple Home Kit. Bestbuy has incorrectly labeled this on the website. The TP-Link website does not claim that it is Home Kit compatible. So always check with product website for tech details. Bestbuy has a huge problem with incorrect product specs on their own site. Note: Look for the hard to find sunrise and Sunset timer function in the Kasa App. I use it with one of my switches for the outdoor lights. it works perfectly. set it and forget it!

  • Replaces any 3-way switch. Only need one per circuit.

    from Kelowna, BC on 1 décembre 2018

    Remember, ANY switch in a multi-switch circuit can toggle the light on our off so you don't need to upgrade all of them to smart switches. I have two 3-switch circuits. This means one of the the switches is a 4-way switch but the other two are 3-way switches. I only replaced one of the 3-way switches in each of the 3-switch circuits and it worked perfect. There is no technical reason to have both switches in a 2-switch circuit be smart since only one will be used. There is also no reason it won't work in a 3+ switch circuit as long you locate a 3-way switch to replace. I recommend installing and configuring one switch at a time, otherwise the Kasa app might mark the second switch as a passive switch on the same circuit as the first. In addition, I have a 2-way HS-200. All of them work with my Google Assistant, Google Home, and Nest.

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