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Marshall, renowned for its amplifiers used by the world’s top rock musicians since 1962, is also a leader in portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones

Marshall Amps and footswitch pedals

The first Marshall amplifier known as “Number One” went on sale in 1962. A who’s who of legendary rock starts has plugged into Marshall amps ever since—including some of the world’s loudest bands.

Today, there is a Marshall amplifier for everyone and every application. For ultra-portability and an affordable price, plug into a portable Marshall Micro amp, a mini amplifier with big sound. Or, choose a Marshall MG Gold, a vintage-look black cabinet amp with classic audio and built-in digital effects.

Take control of the sound coming out of your amp with an official Marshall pedal foot-switch.

Marshall Headphones

Many musicians will only buy Marshall headphones, and with good reason. The company branched into headphones in 2010 and quickly became a favourite of music fans and audiophiles.

Marshall offers a full lineup of headphones for 2020, including on-ear, and over-ear designs, along with BT wireless options. There are even models with an integrated microphone and active noise cancellation (ANC). Regardless of the features and form factor, all Marshall headphones deliver the iconic sound that musicians and music lovers have come to expect. Each rocks a vintage design including the signature Marshall logo in silver on a classic black pebbled background, and looks like it would be at home in a recording studio.

Casual music fans will appreciate the fact that there are even Marshall in-ear headphones (earbuds), which are perfect for discretely enjoying music at any time, including during your commute.

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

In 2015, Marshall leveraged its music expertise to design and release its first portable speaker, the Kilburn. The small-but-mighty Kilburn set a new standard for wireless home audio speakers and also included an immediately recognizable retro design, complete with an analogue volume knob and a guitar-influenced carrying strap.

The latest Kilburn Bluetooth speaker remains extremely popular, but the lineup of Marshalls has expanded to include a range of options including the Emberton, the Marshall Acton II, the Stanmore II, and the Stockwell II.

Any comparison between the speakers will show each has its own unique design and strengths, but every one of these Bluetooth speakers is instantly recognizable as a Marshall—in both appearance and performance.

Whether you play music, or your jam is listening to music (or both), there’s a Marshall amp, wireless speaker, or headphones that will deliver the best audio you’ve ever heard.