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  • Zagg creates products that merge functionality, quality, and personality together for a remarkable user experience

    What is Zagg?

    Zagg is the creator of a number of products, mainly specializing in protective cases, coverings and other accessories for electronics. Zagg products are compatible with iPads and tablets, iPhone and Android phones as well as smartwatches and Apple Watch. Zagg is most well known for their creation of InvisibleShield, which is an innovative screen protector that is a go-to for anyone who’s looking for optimal screen protection. In addition to device protection, Zagg also carries compatible Mophie phone chargers and power banks, keyboards, and other accessories that enhance you existing tech.

    Zagg InvisibleShield Screen Protectors

    Getting the most mileage out of your devices requires a durable screen protector that prevents it from scratches, cracking, and collecting dirt. Zagg screen protectors are high quality and visually invisible, giving your device the ultimate protection without sacrificing any of its functions. The Zagg InvisibleShield series is a line of glass screen protectors that completely cover your device and are unseeable to the eye. They do all their protecting with the illusion that they aren’t even there. Alternatively, Zagg also carries a line of InvisibleSheild Privacy Protecting screen protectors that have a two-way tinted filter that prevent anyone from being able to see what’s on your phone, even when you’re looking right at it. Another feature of some InvisibleShield screen protectors is a blue light filter: these screen protectors filter blue light for better eye comfort and sleep, without changing the colours on your screen.

    Zagg Cases for Phones and iPad

    Another important form of protection for your devices is a case. Cases should be three things: functional, secure, and unique to your personal taste. Zagg offers cases for iPhone, Android phones and iPad in a variety of different colours, styles, uses, and sizes. With their line of transparent cases, you can provide your device with ultimate impact protection while still showing off its beautiful design.

    Some of Zagg’s iPad cases also come with a built-in keyboard. A compatible keyboard can give your iPad or tablet so much more usability, effectively making it a personal computer when connected. Zagg keyboards are compatible with a number of devices as they have Bluetooth connectivity and are available with backlighting as well.

    Mophie Chargers and Power Banks

    With the Mophie brand, Zagg offers a range of charging solutions to keep your devices charged and powered. Whether you are at home or on the go, there is a Mophie power accessory that is right for you. Their car chargers and power banks are perfect in case you don’t have access to an electrical outlet. Depending on the product you choose you get to charge your device wirelessly on the go or with a USB cable. When at home or at the office you can opt for a traditional wall charger or many of the wireless chargers Mophie has to offer. A wireless charging pad is a great choice if you want to only charge your phone. A charging stand with a built-in pad is perfect if you want to charge multiple devices at once, such as your phone and smartwatch.

    Other Zagg Accessories

    Zagg has some additional accessories that are user-friendly and created to enhance your tech experiences daily. Their Pro Stylus and Pro Mouse are great accessories to improve the usability of your tablet. They also offer a UV sanitizer with built-in wireless charging. This device kills up to 99.9% of Staph and E. coli surface bacteria on your phone while giving it a charge at the same time.*

    No matter what type of mobile accessories you’re looking for, Zagg has a wide variety of great options available for you. Whether you want more functionality or reliable protection, Zagg has you covered.

    *Tested by 3rd party to ISO standards to kill up to 99.9% of Staph and E. Coli bacteria after five-minute cleaning cycle using a new UV Sanitizer.