Keep on top of business with finance and accounting software

Finance and accounting software helps you keep on top of a small business or household finances using easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface.

What is accounting software and finance software?

Accounting and finance software helps you keep on top of finances. Most are focused on small business owners who need to log invoices, accounts receivables, accounts payables, general ledger, and even payroll—effectively all records of financial activities in a business. But some finance software is designed for maintaining a personal household budget.

The software comes either as a physical disc to insert, install, and run with the appropriate license and/or subscription, or a digital download code e-mailed to you 24-hours after purchase and registration.

In addition to small business finance and accounting software that ranges from basic for one user to premium for access to multiple users and adds features like payroll management, there's also software like will kits for estate planning, software just for invoices--ideal for a sole proprietor who doesn't need anything more--and basic budgeting software.

Why should you use accounting and finance software?

Accounting and finance software makes it easy and intuitive to manage all the financial aspects of a business, reducing the hours of manual work you'd otherwise have to do. It's designed so that even those with no experience can follow along, keeping track of the important data, payables, and budget, ensuring the business is complying with government regulations, and that you are maximizing your tax deductions.

Accounting software can be used to create invoices online, customize payment receipts, organize expenses, and track business performance overall in one, simple dashboard. Some accounting software even syncs with your bank account to download transactions for easy logging.

When it comes to personal use, finance software helps you set and maintain a family or household budget, providing a holistic picture of what you spend money on, where you can cut back, and what changes you can make.

What should you look for with accounting and finance software?

Most accounting and finance software is compatible with Windows PCs, so make sure you buy the right one if you own a Mac. There are also certain specification requirements to run the software so double check that your computer meets them. Get the right software to meet your needs, like accommodating multiple user access or your required number of employees for payroll.

Some accounting and finance software has tools tailored to specific industries, like contractors, non-profits, retail, and manufacturing. Some also offer software updates online, valuable if you plan to renew a license/subscription to continue using it over multiple years. Online customer support is useful, particularly for first-time users.

Check that the software has all the aspects you'll need, and conversely, isn't more feature-rich than you require. You might only need something to generate invoices, for example, or keep track of expenses without the other bells and whistles.