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Protect The Interior Of Your Car With New Floor Mats

What do car floor mats do for your car or truck?

Car floor mats and truck mats help keep your vehicles’ floors in pristine condition. They serve as car floor liners to protect the interior fabric from snow, rain, mud, dirt, or sand that can be brought inside from your shoes. They can protect against salt that is found on the roads during the cold and snowy winter months in some regions; and keep carpeting free of stains and moisture.

They can also protect against dust, dirt, and hair that a dog might bring into the vehicle if you often travel with your pet; or from stains from young children who might spill juice, food, or other items. If you haul cargo, a car floor mat can protect the material from potential damage as well, like rips and tears.

What types of car floor mats are available?

Car floor mats can be made from fabric, like reinforced fibres and foam, or rubber. Rubber car mats are the most popular since they are more durable, and offer better protection, particularly for those who live in climates with distinct four seasons. This includes regions with a lot of rain whereby you can often track mud into the vehicle, as well as areas with cold winters with heavy snowfall and salt usage. All-weather car mats cover all bases when it comes to what you can track into your vehicle, since they are usually heavy duty car mats.

Rubber car floor mats can also have bevelled/raised edges and high borders that provide full coverage protection against whatever you bring inside on your boots and shoes.

Some car floor mats come in a standard shape, making them universal and able to fit into any vehicle, or specific types of vehicles, like trucks or four-door sedans. Many, however, are fitted to specific vehicles. Most car floor mats are black, but you can find other colours to match a car’s interior, too, like beige.

What to look for in a car floor mat

When selecting a car floor mat, it’s ideal to find for your specific car, so it fits seamlessly inside, contoured to the shape of the driver, passenger, and back seat floors. You’ll want something that is designed to keep dirt, mud, snow, and water from getting onto the vehicle’s carpet, so look for raised edges, and quick and naturally drying material. Odourless and environmentally-friendly materials are a bonus.

Look for a car floor mat that is lightweight, and easy to remove and clean. Rubber mats can be removed and wiped or hosed down, while car floor liners made from fabric can be removed and vacuumed, or steam cleaned.

Another useful feature is anti-slip material so you can easily get into and out of the car. You can’t go wrong with weatherproof car mats that are made from durable rubber.