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  • Computer Accessories to Step Up Your Computing Experience

    Computers and laptops are staples in the home and office. Used for everything from word processing and web surfing to gaming and movie-watching, computers are talented machines in both work and play. And with the addition of some computer accessories, you can boost the functionality of your desktop or laptop PC even more. Shop Best Buy’s wide range of laptop accessories and PC accessories to take your computer to the next level.

    Mice & Keyboards

    A mice and keyboards are two must-haves for any computer setup. Having these complementary computer accessories can boost efficiency, even when you’re working on a laptop. Wireless keyboards and wireless mice can free you from the constraints of wires, while a gaming keyboard and gaming mouse can give you a competitive edge against opponents.

    Computer Speakers

    Computer speakers can amplify sound from your laptop or desktop PC – especially if your computer doesn’t have speakers already built in. Available in wired and wireless models, computer speakers are an ideal computer accessory if you use your machine for music, movies, or gaming.

    Headsets & Microphones

    For video chatting with friends or communicating secret plans with gaming allies, a headset and microphone are must-haves. A headset with a built-in mic enables private, hands-free communication, while a stand-alone mic is ideal for podcasters, recording artists, or video creators.

    Laptop Cases & Bags

    Toting around a laptop without a case can be risky business. Avoid accidental scratches and bumps on your precious tech by protecting it with a laptop bag or case. A case offers slim, snug protection for your laptop, while a bag offers space for your computer and other everyday essentials.


    For video chatting, snapping selfies, or creating video blogs, a webcam is a great computer accessory. Most modern laptops already have an integrated webcam, but a desktop computer setup can benefit from an external webcam. A high-end Full HD webcam makes a great addition to an office for crystal-clear video conferencing, while a standard HD webcam is ideal for occasional video calls with friends and family.

    Cables & Connectors

    Cables and connectors may not seem like much, but they’re handy for connecting your computer to a monitor, printer, or other device. Best Buy’s huge selection of cables and connectors encompasses everything from external video display adapters to laptop power cables.

    Monitor Stands & Screen Filters

    A monitor stand can lift your computer monitor to a comfortable, ergonomic height. A screen filter, on the other hand, can keep your screen private from prying eyes – ideal if you work with sensitive or confidential information.

    Laptop Locks

    Whether you work in an office, classroom, or coffeeshop, you can safeguard your laptop with the help of a laptop lock. A lock can affix your laptop to a desk, table, or other fixture to protect it from potential thieves.

    Laptop Batteries & Chargers

    Though they’re portable, laptops aren’t much use without their batteries and chargers. Whether you’ve misplaced your charger or need a second one for the office, you can find an array of laptop power adapters at Best Buy. A replacement battery can give your laptop a new lease on life when the original battery no longer works.

    Computer Care & Cleaning

    Cleaning is part of caring for your computer. Consider computer care and cleaning products like cleaning dusters, screen cleaning wipes, and computer tool kits to keep the insides and outsides of your computer and computer accessories in tip-top shape.

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