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  • Things to Consider When Buying a Desktop Computer

    Perfect for every budget, everyday desktop computers give you just what you need for all your day-to-day tasks.

    Best Buy carries a wide selection of everyday desktop computers including brands such as HP, Compaq, Lenovo, and Acer.

    Everyday Desktop Computer Basics: Processor, RAM, and Storage Capacity

    When it comes to processor, RAM, and hard drive the more power and capacity you have, the better the performance. However, if your computing needs are relatively modest (emailing, web browsing, social media, etc.) then an everyday desktop will be more than sufficient.

    Everyday Desktop Computer Connectivity Options

    In this bandwidth-hungry age we live in you're going to want to consider your everyday desktop PC's connectivity options. Technologies such as Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless N will definitely come in handy if you're streaming HD content or have multiple users and applications that need to access your network at the same time. Also, Bluetooth 4.0 is a handy feature for connecting wirelessly to mobile devices or wearable technology.

    Everyday Desktop Computer Operating Systems

    It might not seem like there's a lot to consider, but even the decision to move from Windows 7 to Windows 8 might be a large jump for some people. Beyond that, you might need to consider choosing between Windows 8 and Chrome OS. Windows 8 offers a powerful operating system with interactive tiles that offer you updates geared towards your interests. Chrome OS is intuitive, fast, and optimized for running web applications.

    Other Considerations and Alternatives

    Everyday computing desktops are built for all your day-to-day stuff: emailing, surfing, social networking, word processing, etc. Plus, everyday desktop computers carry enough processing power to handle things such as high-resolution video playback, light photo editing, and a whole host of other tasks that require a good amount of power and performance.

    Those with more modest needs and limited space, they might want to consider a mini PC. They feature basic specs and small, space-saving form factors.

    All-in-one computers can be an attractive choice for the space-conscious but who also need the power and performance of an everyday desktop computer.

    If you're dealing with a lot of media, such as video rendering, RAW image processing, or high-end gaming, you're going to want to take a serious look at a performance or gaming PC.

    Barebones PCs are for those who want full customization over their computers. While everyday desktop computers have internal expansion and customization options available, they are limited. So, hardcore do-it-yourselfers will likely find barebones PCs more to their liking.

    Refurbished desktop computers often have specs similar to lower-end everyday desktop computers and carry a lower price tag. Refurbished systems go through rigorous testing to ensure they're in like-new condition and offer a great low-cost option for everyday computing.

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