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Ensure you’re always on top of your organization game with file folders

It’s vital you have a proper organization system in place for your most important files and documents. You should know at all times where you can find contracts, deeds, and all other legal and financial papers. In every home and office, storing file folders will ensure that all your documents, important or of low significance, are readily available for when you need to access them. File folders allow you to properly store your forms and papers so that you never have to worry about where they are.

What kind of file folder is best for you?

There are plenty of considerations you can make when choosing the right file folder. Whether you’re using a designated file cabinet, a drawer, boxes, or just storing them on shelves, you can find the right sized file folder. File folders come in different materials; from paper to plastic. If you’re just using the folder to transfer documents, a classification file folder is often all you’ll need. For documents are safely being secured in a cabinet or drawer, hanging file folders are necessary. If the file folder will be moving around more, then you can opt for a more durable, expanding file folder or pocket file folder.

Keep everything in order with tabs

File folders come with a variety of different tab features. Some tabs can be directly written on, and are best for one-time use or permanent designations for your documents. If you want to switch your files up, you’ll need file folders with tab inserts so that you can change the labels as desired. File folders can have a top tab, placed along the long side of the folder, or an end tab, along the short end. What you’ll need will depend on how you’re planning to store them. Tabs come in 1/3, 1/5 or 1/8 cuts. The longer the label, the longer cut you’ll need.

Choose the right size file folder for your documents

Lastly, you can choose the overall size of the file folder you’ll need based on the documents you’re storing in them. File folders are available in both classic and legal sizes. All legal size documents will require a legal size file folder, otherwise they will not be fully covered and protected by the file folder. Again, you will also need to consider how you’re storing your documents. Certain file cabinets or drawers can only fit one or the other. Gather all your documents together, examine what exactly is needed, and find the right file folders for you. Staying organized has never felt better.