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Up your mobile game with a Google Pixel smartphone

What are the latest Google Pixel devices?

Google’s Pixel smartphones have been at the forefront of mobile innovation from the start, particularly on the software side of things.

That’s evident with each successive Pixel phone, the latest of which are the Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8 and Pixel 7a. The new Google phones bring exciting features to the line, including Google’s Tensor processor for faster, smoother performance, adaptive screen refresh rates and improved battery life. They feature water-resistant designs, wireless charging and high-quality cameras. The Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8 add extra AI-driven features to deliver photos and video that take the Pixel lineup to new heights.

The same standard applies to previous Google phones like the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7. They run on next-generation 5G networks, just like the latest models, and prove more than capable of capturing superb images. While they may not have the same internal specs as the new Pixel 8 line-up, they are still capable devices.

What Google Pixel phones can do

Google Pixel phones have always come unlocked, letting you use them on any carrier networks in Canada, or international ones when travelling abroad. They include eSIM support, meaning you can connect to your carrier’s services—or a local one while travelling—without having to put in a physical card.

Google’s Android experience on the Pixel comes with unique features driven by the power of the Tensor chipsets. Use Call Screen to screen a caller before picking up to see if it’s a legitimate call or not. A feature called Hold for Me has Google Assistant take over when you’re waiting on hold and alert you when it’s time to talk. Recorder can transcribe a lecture or interview for you, even without an Internet connection, helping save a lot of time in reading notes afterward. Extreme Battery Saver, meanwhile, stretches battery life so you aren’t left in the red at a critical time.

On the imaging side, Google’s AI and machine learning tools can do amazing things. Magic Eraser continues to improve at removing unwanted objects or people from photos as if they were never there. Audio Magic Eraser will do the same for sounds you want to cut off from a video clip. Magic Editor on the Pixel 8 Pro pushes that further by enabling you to only edit a specific part of an image without affecting the rest. That also extends to video through features like Video Boost and Night Sight Video, which utilize Google’s AI to help produce the best possible footage.

Google guarantees at least three years of major Android and security updates for most Pixel devices, upping that to an impressive seven years for the Pixel 8 line and newer devices. That will give you the latest OS versions for some time after you first get your hands on one. New features come with each major update, adding to the functionality of the phone along the way.

Taking mobile photography to new heights

Pixel phones have become trailblazers for mobile photography by making software do so much of the work to produce the best images. The user-friendly camera app has various shooting modes that get better each year, all of which include useful software like Real Tone for authentically capturing different skin tones.

With the Pixel 8 Pro, Google brings in manual settings in the Pro mode, including full-resolution capture, for true control over composition and output. Night Sight integrates into the regular Photo and Portrait modes for the best low-light and night photography images. Use the Portrait Light feature to change the lighting on a subject’s face without affecting the rest of the photo, or edit any image afterward in Google Photos with Magic Eraser or Magic Editor to take it further.

Shoot high-quality video in 4K resolution at different framerates, including creative ways to capture a scene. Cinematic Blur and Cinematic Pan make it look like you’re filming a movie. Better stabilization could also help smooth out each clip to make videos look more professional while handheld.

You can always protect your Pixel with the right accessory, like a case and screen protector to start. Consider a mini-tripod or gimbal to set up the phone for a photo or film session, and when you’re done, set it down on a wireless charger until you’re ready for the next round.