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Keep your Nintendo handheld console charged and ready with these Nintendo DS Batteries and Chargers

Nobody wants to sit down for an epic Nintendo DS gaming session only to discover that their console’s battery is lingering on empty. When you want to enjoy the stable of classic titles on Nintendo’s revolutionary handheld, having a reliable source of power is a must. Avoid disappointment by being prepared with the proper Nintendo DS Batteries and Chargers.

Nintendo DS chargers

As devices go through revisions and new iterations over time, it’s often the case that their charging methods undergo changes as well. That is certainly the case with the Nintendo DS family of handheld consoles. While Nintendo plays a bit nicer with the next generation of 3DS consoles (ensuring they are all compatible with a single charger), the story is not the same with the older Nintendo DS line of handhelds. Every major revision to the DS family uses a separate, unique charging adapter.

The original Nintendo DS uses the same AC power adaptor as its predecessor, the Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP. Meanwhile, the upgrade to the Nintendo DS Lite saw a revised AC adapter that works only for that model. Finally, the Nintendo DSi was the first to adopt the same charger that every Nintendo 3DS and 2DS console uses today—so if you have a Nintendo 3DS XL charger lying around for example, you are only in luck if your Nintendo DS happens to be the “DSi” model.

This can make powering an older Nintendo DS console tricky, as there is no single universal charger that works across all models, and unless you specifically have a Nintendo DSi, the charger currently available for new Nintendo handhelds will not be compatible. Check to make certain which type of Nintendo DS you have before investing in a new charging accessory.

Nintendo DS batteries

The Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi consoles all make use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery. On average the battery will last approximately in the neighborhood of 15 – 19 hours, but of course this can vary depending on factors such as which model of Nintendo DS console you have, as well as the power requirements of the software you are using. Over time the life of a lithium ion battery will wear down however, so an older battery may begin to last a shorter time before requiring a charge.

Luckily the battery can easily be replaced across any make of Nintendo DS handheld device. A small screwdriver will be required, but otherwise the process is relatively simple. Nintendo also provides instructions on its website on how to change the battery across any of its handheld consoles.

The battery for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite is interchangeable, however the Nintendo DSi hardware revision also saw a change to the size of its internal lithium ion power source. You’ll want to ensure you know which make of battery you require before purchasing a replacement for your Nintendo DS family console. Once again you may refer to Nintendo’s website to obtain specific model numbers and information on Nintendo DS consoles and compatible lithium ion batteries.