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The iPad turns 10

What’s changed this time

Apple has released a 10th-generation iPad that takes elements of other models and applies them here. That means a screen size increase from 10.2-inches to 10.9-inches, and a subsequent resolution boost to 2360 x 1640. It’s a larger display without increasing the size of the tablet, so you lose the iconic home button and gain the Touch ID button on the side instead.

Underneath, Apple’s A14 Bionic chip powers the new iPad, delivering a boost in both computing and graphics performance over the A13 chip in the 9th-generation iPad. Faster connectivity with both the Wi-Fi and cellular models quickens things when online, no matter what apps or games you choose to play.

Bigger screen, more to see

The 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display maintains the same vivid colour and graphics that has made the iPad so compelling for so many years. It works with the Apple Pencil—but not the Apple Pencil 2, like the iPad Air and iPad Pro do. With the Pencil in hand, you can use it to draw, paint, edit photos, create animations, and much more. You have more room to work with at all times now that the display stretches out further.

There’s a new front-facing 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera now situated in the middle on the side. This way, when you position the iPad in landscape, the camera is centred to better line you up for video calls. Center Stage also comes into play to keep you in focus whenever you move within the frame. New dual mics will better capture your voice when you talk for more clarity on the other end of the call.

If you want to pair it with a keyboard, try the Magic Keyboard Folio for size, with full-size keys and trackpad for something closer to the laptop experience. This iPad will work with other compatible keyboards as well, including other accessories to help you take advantage of the great screen available here.

Use the iPad to get things done

Catch up on a new show or check out a movie anytime you want to relax and not think about work. Browse through photos and share them with friends and family. Catch up on a game and watch live or see highlights at your convenience. The iPad is all about convenience, no matter how you want to use it.

You can play games or edit photos and video, taking advantage of the graphics boost as you go along. Pair a compatible controller to play games the old fashioned way. There is no shortage of accessories that work with the iPad, be it for gaming, entertainment or productivity. The new iPad was designed to expand on the previous model and present an alternative to Apple’s other tablets. It has one of the larger screens in the lineup, and stands out as a mid-range option to consider if you are looking to upgrade from an older iPad.