August smart locks, video doorbells, and Bluetooth headphones keep you safe and entertained

August leads the way in Audio and Home Security

Though less than a decade old, August has already become one of the world’s leading smart technology companies. Known for providing convenient Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled smart locks and video doorbells, August promises to keep your home and family safe and secure around the clock. August also offers users a unique method of control over who can enter their homes, and when. Using the August App on your iOS or Android based smart device, you can lock and unlock your door from virtually anywhere in the world—or check to make sure you locked it when you last left the house.

August also keeps you entertained whether at home or on the go with its beautiful range of wireless Bluetooth headphones. No matter what genre of music you enjoy listening to, August’s stylish over-ear headphones always provide rich, vibrant, stereo sound to groove to with no worries of getting tangled up in messy wires. With August, the music always sounds great!

August Smart Locks

Whether you have a detached home, a rental apartment, or some other kind of residential property, August has a smart lock (like the August Smart Lock Pro) that’s perfect for your situation. Not merely designed to keep unwanted visitors out, August locks give you complete and total control over who enters your home at any given time.

For instance, August allows you to provide keyless entry access for trusted individuals like friends, family members, employees, and delivery personnel. When you pair an August smart lock with your personal smart device via Bluetooth, it will detect your comings and goings and unlock the door for you when you arrive at home and lock it again when you leave.

August locks are also quick and easy to install, they work with your existing deadbolt (so you still have the option of using your old-fashioned key), and they’re fully compatible with such smart home ecosystems as Works with Nest, meaning they’ll work within your broader smart home framework to provide even more functionality and convenience.

Smart Video Doorbells

August’s smart video doorbells are Wi-Fi enabled and app-controlled devices that allow you to see who’s at your door even when you’re not there to answer it. Their HD quality cameras and built-in microphones allow you to see, hear, and even speak to whoever’s come a-knocking, and you can let visitors in remotely when paired with an August smart lock. Built-in floodlights provide a great look at nighttime visitors, and you’ll even enjoy instant smart phone alerts when movement is detected on your doorstep. Pairing an August video doorbell and smart lock is the ideal method for keeping your home safe and sound at all times.

August Audio Solutions

August’s latest venture is in the world of personal audio. Their attractive over ear headphones are wireless (via Bluetooth), lightweight, and provide a great range of features that add to the user experience. For instance, depending on the model you choose, you’ll enjoy customizable sound via the August Audio App, a long battery life (of up to 15 hours), a built-in microphone (for talking on the phone), and a flexible design that folds up for easy storage and transportation. And, no matter which model you choose, you’ll always enjoy rich, full sound and the comfort of August’s buttery soft ear cushions, which are an absolute pleasure to wear.

For convenient home security and amazing Bluetooth audio, August’s innovative portfolio of smart technology solutions always has you covered.