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Frigidaire appliances have a more than century-old history

Credited with developing the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916, Frigidaire has become so synonymous with home appliances that, in the 1900s, Americans often referred to any refrigerator as a Frigidaire. Making everything from refrigerators and freezers to stoves and cooktops, dishwashers, and washing machines, Frigidaire has more firsts to its credit, including the first home food freezer, room air conditioner, and 30” electric range. The company was also the first to offer coordinated colours for home appliances.

Frigidaire Stoves and Cooktops

Meeting all your home cooking needs, Frigidaire offers a wide range of stoves and cooktops, including both freestanding and wall ovens, and gas and electric.

Ranging in size from 24” up to 30”, large cubic feet accommodate large items like a turkey as well as multiple dishes. Finished in stainless steel or white, intelligent features include even baking technology, expandable and/or hidden elements, an extra-large oven door window, storage drawer, and self-clean options.

Five-element cooktops come atop a Frigidaire stove, or can be purchased on their own, including smooth and coil tops. Features include low simmer burners for making sauces and soups and quick boil for getting potatoes or pasta noodles ready in a pinch. They come in sizes like 30” and finishes like stainless or black. Induction cooktops are also available.

Frigidaire Dishwashers

Keep your dishes clean with a Frigidaire dishwasher, which come in sizes ranging from 18” up to about 24”, and in stainless steel and white.

Built-in, they offer quiet operation with some models going as low as 52dB. With a status indicator, some Frigidaire dishwashers include delay start options, from two hours ahead up to 24 hours, and stainless-steel tubs.

Features you’ll find in some models include up to three spray arms, multiple wash cycles, heat dry, and a self-cleaning filtration system. OrbitPower wash technology provides a powerful clean for caked on food, while a sanitization cycle in some models, removes 99.9% of household bacteria. Wash only top rack items or run a rinse with certain models; some come with DishSense technology that uses built-in sensors to select the best cycle.

Frigidaire Fridges and Freezers

Frigidaire meets your cooling needs with refrigerators from 24” up to 36” in size, as well as upright and chest freezers, and bar and wine fridges.

Available in stainless steel or white, the refrigerators include standard top-freezer designs as well as French door models with built-in ice and water dispensers.

Features like Store-More shelves let you customize the look up to 100 different ways to accommodate whatever you want to put inside. Humidity controls, meanwhile, help keep fruits and vegetables fresher, longer in the smooth, glide-out crisper drawers.

Upright and chest freezers let you keep large amounts of food frozen, from meats to vegetables and fruits, and pre-cooked dinners. And a bar and/or wine fridge is ideal for keeping your bottles of wine at the right temperature for maximum enjoyment, and beers ice cold for consumption.

Frigidaire Washing Machines

Frigidaire makes high-efficiency electric washer/dryer combos, or washers and dryers that can be purchased separately. With finishes like standard white or slate, they range in size from 3.8 cubic feet up to 6.7 cubic feet, and electric and gas models are available.

Use up to 12 different wash cycles for different types of clothing or linens, like quick wash when you’re in a hurry, and select different soil levels.

The dryers also boast quick dry cycles, timed dryer cycles, a refresh mode, anti-wrinkle options, and reversible door. The large stainless-steel drum can accommodate everything from your clothing to bulky bedding, linen, and towels.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, laundry room, or bar area, Frigidaire has you covered with stoves and cooktops, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, and washing machines and dryers that help you get your chores done efficiently so you can spend more time with your family.