Turtle Beach

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Turtle Beach delivers industry-defining best-in-class gaming audio and accessories, with a strict focus on gaming headsets

The pure innovation of Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach made its beginnings in Elmsford New York, circa 1975, developing electronic audio software (and later hardware), and eventually becoming a major manufacturer of PC sound cards in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. However, Turtle Beach found its true calling around 2005, when it began to gradually shift its focus entirely toward the design and manufacture of dedicated gaming headsets—beginning with its very first Ear Force gaming headset model, the X51.

Since then Turtle Beach has seen a great deal more firsts, brandishing new models known for forging innovation in wireless functionality, programmable features, DTS and Dolby Surround sound compatibility, and much, much more. Today Turtle Beach is also on the front line in developing cutting-edge technology designed for the highly competitive world of eSports. With their narrow one-track focus solely set on gaming headsets, Turtle Beach continues to pioneer innovation and develop industry-leading technology.

Turtle Beach’s advanced features and comfortable design

The drive to innovate has led Turtle Beach to continually develop and incorporate new and exciting features for gamers. These include amenities such as Windows Sonic and DTS Headphone:X surround sound technology, Bluetooth connectivity, active noise-cancellation, and more across their vast stable of gaming headsets. Further features such as Mic Monitoring, Dynamic Chat Boost, and premium high-sensitivity mics help deliver incredibly clear communication as well.

Turtle Beach headsets are designed to excel equally well in comfort as well as performance. Standard feature across many Turtle Beach headsets include lightweight construction, cooling-gel infused memory foam ear cushions, and even Turtle Beach’s own unique ProSpecs Glasses Relief System.

A Turtle Beach headset for every platform

Turtle Beach offers top-of-the-line gaming headsets for every major platform, from unbeatable PS4 headsets and Xbox One headsets through to Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobile/tablet devices. Most Turtle Beach headsets are branded for a specific platform, designed with optimal function and performance in mind. However, many of their headsets are nevertheless also cross-compatible with other platforms as well.

For example, the Stealth 300 model comes branded for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but both are also compatible with the other console, along with Nintendo Switch and PC as well. By researching a specific Turtle Beach product, players can quickly learn which features are compatible across any given device. Often Turtle Beach gaming headsets are also compatible across console generations, with headsets originally released for one console retaining its functionality with the inevitable next console iteration, such as the jump from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, or Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Turtle Beach offers a wide range of styles and options

Turtle Beach manufactures a variety of gaming headsets to fit every budget, from high-end flagship models such as the Turtle Beach Elite Pro series to the mid-range Turtle Beach Stealth line, all the way down to the very economical Turtle Beach Ear Force series of gaming headsets. They also offer a number of choices among both wired and wireless models, so gamers can easily find a Turtle Beach headset that suits both their preference as well as the hardware capabilities of their console or gaming device.

With a precision focus on creating some of the best gaming headsets available, Turtle Beach continues to pave the road ahead with innovative, best-in-class gaming headsets for every type of gamer.