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Reduce injury and ease pain with body and back support

Whether you’ve been in a car crash, you’ve twisted your ankle, or you’ve developed a repetitive use injury in your wrist, having a lingering back or body injury can cause you a lot of pain. The best way to prevent further injury and recuperate is by using back support or body support.

How does body support help prevent or rehabilitate injuries?

When you’ve suffered an injury to your back or other part of your body, the most important thing you can do is reduce your range of motion. Body support and back support will keep the injured part of your body firmly in place, and by doing so will prevent that body part from moving freely. By restricting movement in the injured area, you’ll be able to rehabilitate your injury much faster than if you could move around and re-injure yourself.

What are situations that you need a body brace or back support belt for?

While most people wear a back brace or body support to lessen the likelihood of re-injuring themselves, other people will wear them to reduce chronic pain or support weak muscles. You may even wish to wear a back support belt to improve your posture or a wrist split to alleviate wrist fatigue when using a computer for long stretches of time. Many people choose to wear knee braces for support when running or exercising.

What types of body/back supports are there?

There are many different kinds of body and back support available. The most popular are elastic back support belts to hold your lower back firmly in place, wrist splits to control wrist motion, and knee supports to restrict knee movement. Neoprene ankle support is available for sprained or otherwise injured ankles.

There’s also different types of lumbar support available including a lumbar support cushion or gel cushion for your vehicle. These types of body support will offer you comfort and support your injured back while driving. If you find you experience back pain when your legs are firmly on the floor or stretched out, you may want to bring home a foot rest or chair back support to ease back strain by supporting your legs.

What are the benefits of wearing a back brace?

If you have just had surgery or you’ve injured your back, a back brace will support your back, restrict movement, and ensure stability while you’re recovering. For people with poor posture, a back brace will lengthen your spine and improve your posture. Back support can also decrease chronic back pain by restricting the way you move.

A back support brace will also reduce the strain you feel when you’re lifting heavy objects or weights. By supporting the lumbar area of your back and restricting your movement, a back support brace will help you lift weight correctly and reduce stress on your spine.

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