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Protect your camera with a cleaning kit

Whether you use your camera equipment every day or just every now and then, taking the time to clean your camera and lenses is a good habit to have. Not only are you going to minimize dust build up in the exposed moving parts, but you are also going to prevent dust artifacts that may appear in your images.

Why you need camera lens cleaning kits

Dust and grime are facts of life and cameras and lenses often encounter more than their fair share of both. Most photographers shoot in uncontrolled environments, as opposed to studios, and it’s almost impossible to prevent dust accumulating on your camera. When swapping lenses it’s not unusual for dust particles to sneak into the camera body and land on the sensor. At the same time, fingers almost inevitably come into contact with lenses and leave smudges and smears. This can lead to slightly blurred or lower contrast areas in your photos.

How to clean a camera lens with a camera cleaning kit

Cleaning the glass on your lens is a quick and easy task, and one you would be well-advised do regularly. A lens cleaning cloth is much like the type of cloth used to clean glasses and should be a fixture in every photographer’s kit. There are also cleaning fluids that are really effective for removing fingerprints. Lens wipes are pre-moistened and disposable, and also perform cleaning tasks quickly and effectively.

Items needed for camera and lens cleaning

Aside from a lens cleaning cloth, a lens pen is a really useful item to have in your camera bag. Dust blowers can come in handy too from time to time. They can blow dust out of hard-to-reach spots on your camera body, and also loosen dust particles on the inside of your camera. If you have a really persistent piece of dust on your sensor you can use special swabs to remove it. Cleaning your sensor can be a bit nerve wracking when you first attempt it, but if you use the right equipment and follow the directions carefully, it’s not at all difficult to do.

Benefits of camera and lens cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of your camera and lenses ensures that you get the best image quality and performance from your equipment. It also protects your investment so that you get the maximum return should you decide to sell. Buyers like to know that the equipment they are buying has been well cared for and cleanliness is the easiest way to judge this.