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Get your day started right with a personal blender

What is a personal blender?

A personal blender is a small blender that can make single or double servings of drinks like smoothies, sauces, dips, salad dressing, and more. The motor isn’t as powerful as a full-sized blender, typically ranging anywhere from 100W up to 1,000W+, but personal blenders also don’t take up a lot of kitchen counterspace.

They are easy-to-use. Add your ingredients to a small, bullet-shaped blending cup, screw it onto a base, press a button, and voila!

They come with a cup and blending base, though some include multiple cups in different sizes and even different attachments for blending things like nuts, seeds, and harder fruits and vegetables.

When might you use a personal blender and why?

Most often, personal blenders are used for making quick smoothies in the morning that you can take to work or to the gym. But they are also good for mixing ingredients for single meals, or meals for two, like pasta sauce or purees. You can also use them to make things like homemade dip.

They can come in handy for bigger families, too, so everyone can make their own customized smoothies, for example, milkshakes for kids, or other mixed drinks.

Sports, fitness, and health nuts love them because you can make nutritious and vitamin-packed smoothies or mix powdered protein shakes in a pinch for breakfast or after a workout with minimal cleanup. They are also ideal for small homes, apartments, or kitchens where counter space is at a minimum, as well as for dorms to encourage healthy eating among college and university kids.

What features should you look for in a personal blender?

Look for a personal blender that is powerful enough to blend the ingredients you plan to use, whether it’s fruits and vegetables with milk or juice or sauces with nuts and seeds. If you want to make drinks for on the go, look for one that comes with blending cups that double as travel mugs with secure lids and spouts. For using one with multiple people in the family, or for multiple purposes, look for a set that includes more than one cup. Some even come with a separate chopping cup for prepping ingredients. Included solid covers can be used for storing drinks, sauces, dips, and more in the refrigerator after blending.

The best personal blender is easy to use via one-touch operation and can blend sufficiently and quickly, with different speeds to accommodate more than just basic smoothies. Dishwasher-safe parts make clean-up a cinch, and you want plastic cups that are BPA-free. A unit that runs quietly is a bonus as well.

Other useful features include measuring lines on the side of the cups for measuring ingredients for specific recipes, bottles that can fit nicely into a car cup holder if you plan to make smoothies for the commute to work, and included recipe books to help you get started.