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Make your old games new again with Retro Gaming Accessories

Retro gaming is really taking off, with many game developers and hardware manufacturers jumping on board. Classic versions of older consoles are being produced on a regular basis, offering players a sampling of some of the all-time greatest games of decades past. Retro games are also being ported to modern consoles, which has players looking for new peripherals and controllers to relive the feeling of nostalgia to its full potential. This push for retro game experiences has opened up the market for a wealth of retro gaming accessories.

Classic console accessories

One of the most popular retro gaming trends right now are classic “mini” consoles. These consoles typically resemble a miniature version of a retro design, and feature a built-in library of games. Depending on how many controllers the console supports, additional controllers can be a must-have accessory for those who want to include a second player and beyond. Many consoles also feature different style of controllers as separate accessories, such as an arcade-style pad or a flight stick.

The Nintendo “NES” and “SNES” classic are among the most popular retro consoles, but have notoriously short cables for their controllers. As a result controller extension cords are another immensely popular accessory for retro gaming enthusiasts. Other options include wireless or Bluetooth retro controllers designed to work with classic gaming consoles.

There are also a number of carrying cases available, many designed with specific consoles in mind. These make it easy to take the retro gaming fun with you wherever you go.

Retro gaming accessories for modern platforms

Many current generation gaming consoles offer the ability to play ports and re-releases of retro games. If playing older games on a modern controller just doesn’t feel quite right however, there are quite a few retro gaming accessories designed to work with modern consoles and gaming platforms.

Wireless and Bluetooth retro controllers can allow players to enjoy the nostalgic feel of classic hardware when playing on newer consoles, or even on mobile and tablet devices. Some popular choices are manufactured to closely imitate the exact shape and feel of classic controllers for consoles such as the NES, SNES, and more.

There is also a wide range of wired controllers available, some with universal USB port connections and some with console-specific connections. These can emulate everything from the earlier console designs mentioned above to more recent retro controllers such as the original Xbox or Nintendo GameCube controller.

Replacement accessories for retro game consoles

Some players still prefer to do their retro gaming on true retro gaming consoles. Naturally, over time these consoles have worn down and parts eventually require replacement. Luckily there are a number of universal retro gaming accessories available for owners of consoles that have long-since ceased to be manufactured.

Retro gaming accessories for older consoles include not only replacement controllers, but other essentials such as AC power adapters and audio/video cables and adapters. Many of these products are designed to be compatible with multiple retro gaming consoles, which means that players can often avoid having to purchase new cables and adapters for each individual retro console they own.