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    Types of smartwatch accessories

    The most common smartwatch accessories are the straps or bands you fasten around your wrist. Like standard watches, they come in different materials and designed for different uses. You may also find a charger, particularly if you’re looking for a replacement or secondary option to keep your watch filled up when you’re not wearing it. For a few models, you might even find a glass screen protector.

    Finding the right band or strap

    If your smartwatch comes with a plastic or silicone band ideal for the gym, you could give it a new look with another strap made of something else. You could go the more casual with a leather band, making your smartwatch fit in anywhere you go. Another option is to strap on a metal band for a more stylish look with a side of sophistication.

    The level of choice is pretty widespread, too. Not only do you have a choice between leather and metal, but different colours are available. That’s especially true for silicone bands that come in a variety of colours and patterns, letting you personalize it to your tastes.

    Finding the right fit

    It’s not always one size fits all, but it usually is. In some cases, you can choose between large or small. Other times, you can adjust the strap to fit you.

    Smartwatches are also designed to be adaptable. You’re supposed to be able to use them, whether you’re at the gym, lounging at home or out on the town. You want to be comfortable in every scenario, and that’s why the style, fit and material matter.

    Device compatibility

    Straps, bands and chargers aren’t usually interchangeable with different smartwatches, but you will at least have some variety with the smartwatch you have. The Apple Watch has a wide range of accessories to make it your own. Change up the straps, or lay it onto a charging dock. There’s a lot you can do to make it your own.

    If you’re rocking an Wear OS by Google smartwatch, there are accessories for those. Even Samsung smartwatches have their own style. The style of lugs may be different from one watch to the next, which is why a strap or band made for one model won’t fit another. Look for something to fit your watch, and you’re bound to find something nice.

    Taking charge

    Keeping your smartwatch powered on is key to making it work for you. You get a charger out of the box, but you could go another route if you need a replacement, or want to expand your battery options.

    Your Apple Watch can double as a clock when nestled onto a stand or dock. Fill up the battery while it displays the time or keep it handy until you need to put it on. Your Android Wear or Samsung watch could also look good while getting more juice when prop them up.