Smart Outdoor Lighting

Light up your yard and home with smart outdoor lighting.

Enhance the natural beauty of your patio or yard, and make family moments magic with epic colour and lighting effects.
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  • Create ambiance with outdoor smart lighting

    Smart lighting is a great way to create a warm, inviting space. With timers, app control, and voice control, smart home products can help you design an outdoor space where your friends and family will feel comfortable all throughout the day and night.

    Set the scene with great lighting

    Lighting is a key part of interior design. When you add ambient lighting to a room, you're helping to create a space that feels welcoming and natural. Soft, tinted lights coming in from different heights all throughout a room work to illuminate the space. When done well, this effect leaves people feeling comfortable and at-home the second they set foot into the room.

    These same rules apply to outdoor spaces like your patio, front yard, and back yard. Glowing outdoor smart lights give your home the feeling of being ready to invite people in. They make it easy to spot your home from a distance, and add visibility so that you and your guests can see each other well and navigate your property safely. Ambient lighting creates a feeling of security in the dark night, and fun twists like coloured smart lights and outdoor rope lights help you express yourself even when outdoors.

    Use smart lighting for your home's safety

    Safety is another great reason to add outdoor smart lighting to your property. When you can see into every corner of your yard, you can more easily watch out for your family's safety. Smart floodlights help you and your family see clearly who’s coming or going, and help to act as a crime deterrent even when you're indoors.

    Whether your outdoor lights are on timers, sensors, or remote controls, they can play one part in helping to prevent everything from a break-in to a trip over a tricycle.

    Set a schedule with outdoor smart bulbs and lights

    With dusk to dawn LED outdoor lights, you can save energy by turning your lights on automatically when the sun sets. They'll never get left on by accident throughout the day, but will in turn themselves on automatically to keep that warm, comfortable golden hour glow going as soon as nightfall sets in. Then, each morning, they'll turn themselves off as soon as they're no longer needed. Many smart home apps even help you set a gradual schedule for your lights, so their glow will slowly intensify as the sun sets and slowly fade as the sun rises, so you get to experience a seamless transition from day to night.

    Transform your outdoor space without outdoor smart lighting, or convert what you already have with the help of outdoor smart plugs and bulbs.