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  • GoPro has become synonymous with capturing the moment in adventurous conditions through its array of action cameras and accessories.

    When you think of a GoPro, you think of a camera that can capture a dynamic scene in the middle of any active situation. With a wide range of accessories made to mount, strap and station a GoPro action cam, viewers can see whichever point of view you choose to show.

    GoPro action cameras

    From the first GoPro camera to come to market, it’s been a product line that has led the way for action cams. With great optics and ruggedized form factors, the latest GoPro models can record footage in a variety of settings and situations. The easy recording options and features are designed to shoot anytime, anywhere.

    Small enough to hold in one hand, or to mount on any object you can find, GoPro action cams have long excelled at capturing a scene from your own point of view. Fast framerates and different fields of view maintain smooth footage, no matter how fast the action is. Whether it’s linear, wide or ultra-wide, most scenes will fit in the frame.

    Push one button and you can record and stop footage for quick captures. The cameras have a simple method to record video or take photos, plus extra features to change framerates, resolution and more. They are built to shoot fast action scenes, with extra stability to maintain smooth playback from start to finish. There are also time lapse modes to reduce a long recording into mere seconds, like a moving sunrise or sunset.

    There are few cameras that can do what a GoPro does, or even go where you want to take it. The combination of sturdy build and steady footage make it the top of its class.

    GoPro mounts and accessories

    There is no other action cam with the kind of accessory support GoPro enjoys. Not only does GoPro manufacture some of its own accessories, there are many other vendors who do the same. These can vary from mounts and adhesives to stick to helmets, dashboards and other surfaces, and on to pods, straps and clothing attachments.

    The GoPro was always designed to be flexible in how you use it, which is why there are so many different ways to mount or attach it. It can be mounted on handlebars on a bicycle or motorcycle, a chest strap to wear over clothing or a selfie stick to use when shooting in water. There are even special mounts for drones to shoot footage from the air.

    Adhesives are also able to position a GoPro in different ways because of the flat and curved mounting options that come with the camera. Sticking it onto a helmet, vehicle or any other handy surface is easy, where the rugged stickers keep the camera in place.

    GoPro app and compatible software

    Footage from a GoPro is easy to share by transferring it from the camera to a smartphone or tablet through the free GoPro app. You can also transfer it to a Windows PC or Mac computer to edit it later or make it part of a larger project.

    Mash together a set of clips using GoPro’s Quik app, or do it yourself on your preferred video editing program. GoPro cameras record video and photos to a microSD memory card, which you can then insert into a computer for easy transfer. Video clips and still photos are in popular file formats to ensure there is little chance of an incompatibility.

    For those reasons and more, everything a GoPro captures can live on, whether it’s a single memorable clip, or in a longer video highlighting the best moments of one of life’s experiences.

    With a GoPro nearby and ready to roll, capturing the mood of every moment is as easy as pressing record.