Enjoy backyard BBQs all summer long.


Enjoy BBQing more with a Weber BBQ

Everything you BBQ on a Weber BBQ will turn out perfectly. Whether you choose a Weber BBQ portable or a Weber BBQ natural gas, you’ll enjoy easy BBQ operation, easy cleanups, and effortless grilling for everything from burgers to fish to steak or pizza.

Why choose a Weber BBQ

In the world of BBQs, Weber is top of the line. The brand designs grills with style, and they have unique features to make it easy for anyone to grill great food. Both Weber BBQ portable and Weber BBQ natural gas have enough grilling space to cook family-sized meals. Some models have a sear zone that runs the length of the BBQ, and they are designed to reach and retain heat levels of 500 degrees or more.

You can choose a Weber BBQ with an optional side burner, and there are models with smart technology to let you know how much propane you have, what the internal temperature of your food is, and when it’s time to flip your steak or when your chicken is ready to remove from the grill.

Benefits of Weber BBQs

With a Weber BBQ on your deck, you’ll be able to grill anything. They have porcelain-coated enamel or stainless steel to retain heat inside the grill. Every part of the grill is easy to remove and clean so a Weber BBQ is built to last, and some models have a grease container at the bottom of the grates you can remove and clean.

A Weber smart BBQ uses a companion app and probe for effortless grilling. You heat up the grill, place the probe in your steak, chicken, or fish, and the app will tell you when to flip it and remove it.

Some models of Weber BBQ have enough space to grill up to 30 burgers at one time, and they have warming racks and side compartments for storage. You’ll also find BBQs with features like internal lid lights and lights on the dials so you can grill in dim light. You can buy accessories for your Weber BBQ that lets you grill, bake, or use your BBQ as a pizza oven.

Which Weber BBQ should you buy?

Your Weber BBQ will be your trusty grill for years, so you’ll want to choose the right model for you. If you need a BBQ for beach picnics or other events, a Weber BBQ portable is a great choice. They are compact, and stylish, and give you enough space to grill for a group.

When you want a grill to be the main feature in your outdoor kitchen or on your patio, a Weber BBQ natural gas is the best option. Choose a Weber BBQ with Weber Connect for perfect results every time, or grill on your own just by following the recipes in the app.

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