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Beautify your Smile

With proper oral care, you can keep your mouth beautiful and healthy. Brush with toothpaste to sweep away germs, rinse with mouthwash to freshen your breath, and use teeth-whitening products for a Hollywood-white smile. Best Buy carries a wide selection of oral care products from Crest, Oral-B, Desert Essence and Kiss My Face to give you a gorgeous smile.

Brush those Pearly Whites

Brushing is an essential step in any oral care regime. A regular toothbrush is a tried-and-tested tool for cleaning your teeth, but an electric toothbrush can add extra power to sweep away food, plaque and stains. There are many types of toothpaste, including whitening, cavity protection, plaque control, multi-benefit and kids. Choose a toothpaste for your needs and brush at least twice a day.

Freshen your Breath

For minty fresh breath that lasts, use mouthwash after brushing. Mouthwash not only freshens your breath, it can also kill germs in your mouth that cause cavities, plaque and gum disease. Alcohol-free mouthwash doesn’t cause the strong, burning sensation that you might find with some alcohol-based mouthwashes.

Achieve a Gleaming White Smile

Drinking coffee, smoking and poor oral care can all lead to not-so-white teeth. To make your smile shine, teeth-whitening products such as whitening strips can help. Place these clear strips on your teeth and leave them on for a specified amount of time. Some whitening strips can give you a visibly whiter smile in just two hours, while others must be used over a longer period of time.