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Synthesizers are electronic instruments that make music come alive. With the ability to imitate other instruments or create entirely new sounds, synthesizers are a powerful performance and recording tool for musicians and artists.

Keyboard Controls

There are a few different types of synthesizers on the market, but by far the most popular is controlled by a piano-style keyboard. You can also find synthesizers that are controlled by other music sequencers and instruments.

Synthesizer Technology

Synthesizers create electric signals that are converted to sound through either loudspeakers or headphones. Most synthesizers offer both pre-set and user set tones, letting you use existing tones or create your own for truly unique, one-of-a kind music.

Recording Capabilities

Most synthesizers include the ability to record and play back sounds, whether this is with included memory or via SD cards. They’re easy to integrate and synchronize with other MIDI technologies, making them a versatile and important part of a musician’s equipment collection.

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