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Tablet & iPad Screen Protectors

Just like your smartphone, your tablet or iPad has a big, beautiful glass screen. And just like the one on your smartphone… That screen (as glossy as it is) can break. An iPad screen protector or tablet screen protector helps keep your screen in great condition, helping to extend the lifespan of your device.

When to use an iPad or Tablet Screen Protector

There are pros and cons to adding a screen protector to your device. For most users, choosing not to use one comes down to two things: cost and feel. A high-quality screen protector can be costly, though they’re generally less expensive than a screen replacement. Similarly, screen protectors can feel different than your original screen. Plastic films can feel soft, sticky, or “cheap” despite what they bring to the table.

However, the benefits of protecting your screen outweigh the costs for many users. Their primary use is to protect from damage, which can happen both from dropping your device and from dropping something onto your device. Because of the larger size of tablets and iPads (as compared to smartphones), it’s simply more likely that you’ll drop something onto the larger surface.

For many, the choice comes down to who is using the device. An iPad Air screen protector might be less necessary for a careful professional, while an iPad Mini screen protector might be a total necessity for a family with two clumsy kids!

Different Types of Screen Protectors

iPad and tablet screen protectors are varied, just like those that you’ll find for smartphones. Basic models are often plastic films that adhere to your device with friction, and they’ll slowly peel up around the edges. They can be re-placed with time, but often last just months with heavy use. Other plastic films may adhere to your phone with a spray-on glue, and stay on for closer to a year without showing signs of wear.

At the top of the line, you’ll find a wide range of glass screen protectors for tablets and iPads. These often feel very similar to your original screen, with the same tactile sensitivity. When applied well, they’ll last for years—and take the most damage. Look for a tempered glass screen protector with an oleophobic coating to protect against damage and scratches while minimizing fingerprints.

While most screen protectors are there for protection, some offer other functions. For a wider set of needs, explore tablet screen protectors with privacy filters or anti-glare finishes. Artists can even find paper-feel iPad Pro screen protectors to add an analog feel to their device.

A great screen protector is an easy way to keep your iPad or tablet screen safe—whether that’s from your clumsy thumbs or from your high-energy kids.