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Tablet & iPad Stands

Go Anywhere with Tablet & iPad Stands

Tablets are designed for convenience. They're easy to take with you, toss in your bag, or use casually from the comfort of your bed. However, their sleek design can make them hard to prop up when your hands are otherwise occupied.

Tablet & iPad stands help you bridge that middle ground. They hold your device up when you can't, but give you the freedom to move around the rest of the time. A great tablet stand lets your iPad or tablet double as a laptop or TV, so you get more out of your device.

When and Where to Use a Tablet Stand

Tablet stands serve many purposes, but they're overwhelmingly popular in the kitchen. Consider a fixed stand with a heavy base for situations when you want a clear view of your tablet, but when you might not have enough hands to hold one: for instance, while following a recipe, or watching Netflix as you wait for dinner to cook.

An adjustable tablet stand can also be handy in your office or bedroom, where it can be used to hold up your screen at an angle that's easy to view and tap while you relax. Some need a table or desk to clamp on to, while tablet floor stands rest on a tripod of their own. If you've ever had the misfortune of dropping your iPad on your nose while watching Netflix in bed, you'll understand why a stand can be a huge improvement and a necessary tablet accessory

When selecting a tablet stand, make sure to consider the design of your device. Some stands create a base for your iPad to rest on; others clamp your tablet vertically or horizontally. Double-check product photos to make sure that your product will not only fit, but that it'll fit while plugged in to charge.

More Types of Tablet & iPad Stands

Long-arm tablet stands are great for holding your device at eye level at home, but they're intended for fixed use. For those on the go, portable tablet stands are great for travel and midday presentations.

The most common type of travel-friendly tablet stand is the multi-functional flip case. These designs often act as a folio case, covering the screen of your tablet when it's not in use and propping it up from behind when it is. Other versions feature kickstands and no screen cover, which can pair well with a separate screen protector.

Tablet stands are easy to find and use, and there are enough to suit any need—be it for business or pleasure.