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Tablet Typing Made Easy

Bluetooth and iPad keyboards can transform your already genius tablet into a more versatile workhorse, whether you have an iPad Pro, Air, or Mini. They tablet keyboards can provide the functionality of a full-sized keyboard in a compact design perfectly suited for iPads and tablets. Best Buy has a large selection of iPad keyboards, tablet cases with keyboards and folios from Samsung, Microsoft, Hipstreet, Kensington, Logitech and Targus to make typing quicker and more efficient on your typing keyboards quicker and more efficient.

Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard is an easy way to add versatility to your iPad or other tablets, enhancing the use of tablet keyboards while maintaining its portability. Tasks like typing long emails, blog posts and anything else that gives your fingers a workout are a breeze with these tablet keyboards. Using Bluetooth technology, a Bluetooth keyboard wirelessly connects to your iPad or tablet, giving you the freedom to place it on your lap or a desk. A stand-alone Bluetooth keyboard works best with a separate iPad stand or case, making tablet keyboards even more convenient.

Tablet Case with Keyboard

A tablet case with keyboard offers two handy features in one streamlined package. The case protects your iPad or tablet from scratches, bumps and impact, while the keyboard makes it quick and easy to type on your tablet keyboards. A folio is a book-style case that covers the back and front of your iPad, and may include a detachable or built-in keyboard. Folios often covert to stands, so you can easily prop up your tablet and type using tablet keyboards.

Keyboard Cover

Lightweight and portable, a keyboard cover is a slim keyboard that attaches to your iPad or tablet for a laptop-like experience with tablet keyboards. When you’re not using the keyboard, it covers your iPad or tablet’s screen to shield it from scratches and impacts. A keyboard cover or shell is often slimmer than a folio or tablet case with keyboard, but offers less overall protection for your iPad or tablet.

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